News Headlines
Mon. May 16th 2016
Be on the look out around town for these pigs. Put your money in the pig with your favorite candidate's name!!! Candidates are Cory White,(pig at the firehouse), Ken Smith (pig at the village hall...
Sat. Jan 14th 2012
Chief Cory White had the opportunity today to teach fire safety to 10 Boy Scouts for their Fire Safety Merit Badge. Battalion Chief Phil Kimler, Firefighter Derek Miller & Firefighter Nathan Tolbe...
Tue. Jan 10th 2012
Chief Cory White & Battalion Chief Phil Kimler had the opportunity to give 10 Cub Scouts a tour of the firehouse and also take a ride in a firetruck tonight.
Sat. Sep 17th 2011
Members of the AOFPD took the MABAS 46 tent trailer today to Monticello to train with the MABAS 28 tent trailer. This was the first time we had set it up and we want to thank the members of MABAS 28 f...
Sat. Aug 13th 2011
Members of the AOFPD spent the day in Argenta at the Safety Day. We had several units on display and cut up a car as a demo of what we do during a car accident.
2019 Call Log
DateRun #Nature of RunLocationTime of Run
 Jan 2 190101 Person down not breathing Griffith Park 7:28 PM
 Jan 3 190102 Fall & Injured N Kenwood St 11:18 AM
 Jan 3 190103 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point HP Firehouse 11:53 AM
 Jan 4 191004 Lift Assist North North St 3:24 AM
 Jan 4 191005 Unresponsive Person North North St 2:13 PM
 Jan 5 191006 Fall & Injured Westmoor Dr 11:51 PM
 Jan 6 190107 House on Fire Emery Road 8:30 PM
 Jan 7 190108 Person Sick East Prairie St 12:31 AM
 Jan 7 190109 Smoldering fire from 190107 Emery Road 3:32 PM
 Jan 7 190110 Overdose Kirby Road 8:10 PM
 Jan 8 190111 Smoldering Fire from 190107 Emery Road 4:00 PM
 Jan 8 190112 Stroke East Bell St 9:18 PM
 Jan 11 190113 House fire with Long Creek Ridge Road 8:59 AM
 Jan 12 190114 Car Accident no injuries S RT-48 Oreana 12:41 AM
 Jan 12 190115 Car Accident no injuries I-72 MM 150 2:31 PM
 Jan 12 190116 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo County Line Rd 4:15 PM
 Jan 12 190117 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Meadow Lane 8:03 PM
 Jan 12 190118 Fire Alarm with Cerro Gordo Heritage Lane 8:35 PM
 Jan 13 190119 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo S Jefferson St 4:17 AM
 Jan 13 190120 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo CG Blacktop 9:49 AM
 Jan 14 190121 Fire Alarm going off W South St 10:32 AM
 Jan 14 190122 High Blood Pressure Dunbar Road 2:08 PM
 Jan 15 190123 Chest Pains W South St 7:46 AM
 Jan 15 190124 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 8:00AM
 Jan 15 190125 Car Accident FC Park Road 8:01 AM
 Jan 16 190126 House Fire with Maroa N Wood Street 4:40 PM
 Jan 19 190127 Check Welfare W Elm Street 10:30 AM
 Jan 19 190128 Problems Breathing Emery Road 3:26 PM
 Jan 20 190129 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Jefferson St 4:36 AM
 Jan 22 190130 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 9:21 AM
 Jan 23 190131 Low Blood Pressure Hickory Hills Dr 8:00 AM
 Jan 23 190132 High Fever Wilbur Court 9:44 PM
 Jan 25 190133 House Fire with hickory Point Loma Drive 9:38 AM
 Jan 25 190134 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 5:33 PM
 Jan 25 190135 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 7:20 PM
 Jan 25 190136 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 9:59 PM
 Jan 28 190137 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 9:07 AM
 Jan 28 190138 Fall & Injured E Wise Road 1:49 PM
 Jan 28 190139 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Center Street 3:07 PM
 Jan 28 190140 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 3:52 PM
 Jan 28 190141 Stroke Oldweiler Ct 8:46 PM
 Jan 28 190142 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo RT-36 LaPlace 9:39 PM
 Jan 29 190143 Lock Out E Water Street 7:14 AM
 Jan 30 190144 Supervisory Alarm with Long Creek S 70th Street 12:25 AM
 Jan 30 190145 Power lines down with Cerro Gordo N Oakley Road 5:01 AM
 Jan 30 190146 Person Slumped over in truck I-72 MM 152 10:18 AM
 Jan 30 190147 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Abraham St. 12:23 PM
 Jan 30 190148 CO Check E Wise Road 2:53 PM
 Jan 30 190149 House on Fire Forest Prky 3:45 PM
 Jan 30 190150 CO Check E Park Street 5:52 PM
 Jan 30 190151 Fuel Spill Pilot Travel 11:43 PM
 Feb 1 190201 House on Fire Oakley Road 5:33 AM
 Feb 3 190202 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley 1:59 PM
 Feb 3 190203 Low Blood Sugar E Prairie St 3:32 PM
 Feb 3 190204 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley Road 4:21 PM
 Feb 3 190205 Medical Call with Cerro Gorod West North 5:32 PM
 Feb 4 190206 Diabetic Emergency Pilot Travel 2:30 AM
 Feb 4 190207 Semi Accident Birch Church Rd 10:36 AM
 Feb 4 190208 Weak and sick E South Street 11:38 AM
 Feb 5 190209 Lift Assist Old Weiler Ct 1:07 AM
 Feb 5 190210 Life Line Alarm going off Emery Road 3:26 PM
 Feb 6 190211 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Star Rt road 10:37 AM
 Feb 6 190212 Battery Victim Pilot Travel 7:44 PM
 Feb 7 190213 Car Accident I-72 MM 147 1:17 AM
 Feb 7 190214 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 1:08 PM
 Feb 7 190215 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 2:56 PM
 Feb 8 190216 Fire Alarm with Long Creek Southbrook Ct 8:50 PM
 Feb 9 190217 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 5:12 PM
 Feb 10 190218 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 4:07 AM
 Feb 10 190219 Fall & Injured Oldweiler Ct 11:01 AM
 Feb 10 190220 Car Accident no Injuries I-72 MM 152 11:06 AM
 Feb 10 190221 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Reas Bridge Rd 7:36 PM
 Feb 11 190222 Fire Alarm going off AOES 10:46 AM
 Feb 11 190223 Breathing Problems RT-48 11:32 AM
 Feb 12 190224 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Lincoln St 10:13 AM
 Feb 12 190225 Medical Call with Maroa Fire McKinley St 10:15 AM
 Feb 12 190226 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Sangamon Rd 11:18 AM
 Feb 12 190227 Fall & Injured Griffith Park Dr 6:00 PM
 Feb 13 190228 Car on Fire AOHS 8:16 AM
 Feb 14 190229 Car Accident 48 & Boyd 8:08 AM
 Feb 14 190230 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley 8:00 PM
 Feb 15 190231 Car Accident Sleep INN 3:56 AM
 Feb 15 190232 House on Fire with Long Creek Kenland Drive 12:46 PM
 Feb 15 190233 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Elwood St 4:40 PM
 Feb 16 190234 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Gabby's Way 6:30 PM
 Feb 17 190235 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Westside Dr 1:53 PM
 Feb 18  190236 Low Blood Sugar Jordan Road 9:57 AM
 Feb 18 190237 DOA Jordan Road 5:25 PM
 Feb 19 190238 Water pipe broke Coulters Mill Rd 10:25 AM
 Feb 20 190239 Fall & Injured Melisty Mart 10:05 AM
 Feb 20 190240 Electrical Fire Bus Barn 12:14 PM
 Feb 21 190241 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Jefferson St 10:35 AM
 Feb 21 190242 Stroke AOES 12:14 PM
 Feb 22 190243 DOA Reas Bridge Rd 12:14 AM
 Feb 22 190244 Heart Attack Casey's 11:22 AM
 Feb 23 190245 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Franklin St 5:16 AM
 Feb 23 190246 Fall & Injured E South Street 6:18 AM
 Feb 23 190247 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Westside Dr 8:36 AM
 Feb 23 190248 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo S Lincoln St 5:35 PM
 Feb 24 190249 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Highway 105 7:45 AM
 Feb 24 190250 Power Lines Down Forrest Prky 8:38 AM
 Feb 24 190251 Chicken Coop on Fire Garver Church 1:48 PM
 Feb 24 190252 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley 11:56 PM
 Feb 25 190253 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Franklin St 6:52 AM
 Feb 25 190254 Fall & Injured E South Street 12:35 PM
 Feb 27 190255 Cover Long Creek Firehouse LC Firehouse 12:03 PM
 Feb 28 190256 Fire Alarm with Cerro Gordo Stare Rt Road 9:05 AM
 Mar 2 190301 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Hoppi Street 2:02 PM
 Mar 2 190302 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 2:07 PM
 Mar 2 190303 Fire Alarm going off AOES 10:38 AM
 Mar 4 190304 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 4:06 PM
 Mar 5 190305 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 4:31 PM
 Mar 5 190306 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 4:31 PM
 Mar 6 190307 Fire Alarm with Long Creek N Norwood St 11:11 AM
 Mar 6 190308 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point E Lucille Ave 8:20 PM
 Mar 6 190309 Smell of something hot Connors Road 9:14 PM
 Mar 8 190310 Life Line going off W Belle Street 10:49 AM
 Mar 8 190311 Life Line going off N Main Street 12:56 PM
 Mar 9 190312 Car Accident with Cerro Gordo CG Blacktop 11:31 AM
 Mar 9 190313 Person not feeling well Reas Bridge  3:19 PM
 Mar 10 190314 Cover Long Creek Firehouse LC Firehouse 6:54 PM
 Mar 10 190315 Smell of Propane in the house Connors Rd 9:33 PM
 Mar 11 190316 Fire Alarm going off AOES 10:43 AM
 Mar 11 190317 Medical Alarm going off Brush Clge Rd 5:34 PM
 Mar 11 190318 Person not feeling well Belle Street 5:54 PM
 Mar 11 190319 Person fallen and Injured Chris Drive 6:05 PM
 Mar 12 190320 Person not feeling well Dunbar Road 4:04 AM
 Mar 12 190321 Chest Pains Unresponsive Coulters Mill 8:38 AM
 Mar 12 190322 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Kirby Med  12:23 PM
 Mar 12 190323 Person fallen and injured Chris Drive 1:39 PM
 Mar 13 190324 DOA Dunbar Road 6:19 AM
 Mar 13 190325 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Kirby Med 4:37 PM
 Mar 14 190326 Car Accident with Cerro Gordo 900 N Rt32 12:35 AM
 Mar 14 190327 Car Accident I-72 MM 152 7:27 AM
 Mar 14 190328 Power Lines Down Sangamon Road 12:09 PM
 Mar 14 190329 Breathing Problems LaPlace 6:21 PM
 Mar 15 190330 Sick & Weak Chris Drive 3:26 AM
 Mar 15 190331 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo S Jackson St 7:12 PM
 Mar 16 190332 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 1:25 PM
 Mar 16 190333 Grass Fire with Cerro Gordo Sangamon Road 4:11 PM
 Mar 19 190334 Broken Arm S Main Street 4:56 PM
 Mar 20 190335 Chest Pains Birch Church 7:39 PM
 Mar 22 190336 CO Check E Mound Road 3:42 PM
 Mar 24 190337 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Abraham 7:09 PM
 Mar 25 190338 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Jacobs Way 2:52 AM
 Mar 26 190339 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo RT-32 4:35 AM
 Mar 27 190340 Fall & Injured S View St 10:18 AM
 Mar 27 190341 Medical Call with Cisco Fire Leichner Lane 2:21 PM
 Mar 27 190342 Medical Call with Cisco Fire State Street 3:49 PM
 Mar 27 190343 Grass Fire Dunbar Road 4:44 PM
 Mar 29 190344 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point W Weaver 12:12 PM
 Mar 31 190345 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Meadow Lane 11:54 AM
 Mar 31 190346 Person not breathing I-72 MM 144 6:59 PM
 Apr 1 190401 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Marion Ave 4:33 PM
 Apr 1 190402 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Meadow Lane 3:24 PM
 Apr 1 190403 CO Check with Cerro Gordo Ceader Lake 4:33 PM
 Apr 2 190404 Stroke Mayberry Ct 5:52 PM
 Apr 2 190405 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Jackson St 9:51 PM
 Apr 3 190406 Back Pain E Boyd Road 9:00 PM
 Apr 4 190407 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo E Hunt Street 5:18 PM
 Apr 4 190408 Grass Fire Cemetery Road 5:37 AM
 Apr 5 190409 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 11:10 AM
 Apr 6 190410 Full Arrest W Franklin St 8:44 AM
Apr 7190411Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Cerro Gordo Blacktop4:22 PM 
Apr 8190412Car Accident with Cerro Gordo RT 32 & 10511:28 AM
Apr 8190413UnconsciousMayberry Ct 2:11 PM
Apr 9190414Vehicle smokingRT 48 & I 72 10:58 PM
Apr 10190415Diabetic EmergencyKirby RD4:13 AM
Apr 10190416Medical call w/ Cerro GordoCenter St.7:22 AM
Apr 12190417Medical call w/ Cerro Gordo Center St.11:50 AM
Apr 121904181st Alarm w/Long Creek Baltimore 9:51 PM
Apr 15 190419Medical call w/ Cerro Gordo Read Bridge 2:02 PM
Apr 16190420Vehicle AccidentRt 48 & I 72 1:38 PM
Apr 17190421Medical call w/ Cerro Gordo W. Franklin ST4:10 PM
Apr 17190422Vehicle Accident Greenswitch & Hp Road 6:59 AM
Apr 17190423Sick personBoyd Rd 3:23 PM
Apr 17190424Gasoline SpillS. North ST.6:48 PM
Apr 19190425Supervisory w/ hickory point Marion Ave5:03 AM
Apr 22 190426Sick person N. 400 E 1:20 AM
Apr 22190427Sick Person Bower St.12:41 PM
Apr 22 190428Person Fell S. Jackson St.5:08 PM
Apr 22190429Person FellAbraham St.17:00 
Apr 22190430Field Fire Oakley Rd & Angle Crossing 21:29
Apr 24190431Vehicle LockoutS. North St.19:12
Apr 27190432Trailer Fire CO 20 & CO 258:31
Apr 27190433Breathing Problems Oakley Rd11:06
Apr 27190434Breathing Problems Kirby Rd14:25
Apr 27190435Syncope Kirby Rd21:53
Apr 29190436Breathing ProblemsN. Lincoln7:08
Apr 29190437Supervisory AlarmW. South St.10:56
Apr 29190438StrokeE. 300 N. Road14:02
Apr 30 190439Broken ArmEmery13:42
Apr 30190440Lift AssistMayberry Ct.15:50
Apr 30190441Chest Pain S. Jefferson18:08
May 1 190501Supervisory alarm w/ Hickory PointMarion Ave 3:04
May 1 190502Vehicle Fire I 72 MM14814:20
May 2190503Difficulty Breathing E. Mound Rd.6:16
May 2190504Supervisory Alarm W. South St.10:14
May 3 190505Vehicle Accident CO 20 & Greenswitch13:19
May 5 190506Vehicle Accident CO 25 & Cabin Rd 13:19
May 6 190507Sick Person N. Madison St.9:22
May 6 190508Medical Alarm W. Franklin St.13:42
May 7 190509Chest Pain N. Woods Trail22:06
May 7190510DAS Assist E. South Street22:53
May 7190511Das AssistMound & RT. 4822:56
May 8 190512Lift Assist I 72 MM 15122:56
May 8 190513UnresponsiveE. Reas Bridge Road 16:39
May 9190514SupervisoryHickory Point Mall5:46
May 9 190515Person FellN. Prairie View 7:29
May10190516Medical call w Cerro GordoS. Jefferson 10:02
May10190517Vehicle AccidentRT 48 & Jordan RD.23:21
May11190518Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoS. 2nd Street 14:32
May11190519Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN Lincoln17:52
May12190520Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Clay9:44
May12190521Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Bell10:20
May14190522Semi FireBoyd RD. & RT 489:54
May14190523Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoW. Frantz19:37
May15190524House Fire Broadway20:14
May16190525SeizureCundiff CT.17:06
May16190526Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoStar RT RD.17:57
May16190527Vehicle Accident HP Road & Greenswitch22:46
May18190528!st alarm Cerro Gordo N. Lincoln10:35
May18190529Medical Call w/ Cerro Gordo94E / 150 N 8:58
May18190530Person Fell Read Bridge CT. 
Ma18190531Chest Pain W. Bower 12:43
May18190532Power Line Arcing W. Plains13:26
May18190533Grass FireI 72 MM 14723:46
May19190534Grass Fire I72 MM 14700:28
May20190535Vehicle Accident Oakley RD/ Northfolk RD.10:44
May20190536Illegal BurnCoulter Mill RD20:29
May21190537Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Lincoln16:14
May21190538Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. LIncoln21:02
May23190539Power line downNewburg RD / Cemetary RD.1:33
May231905401st alarm LCFS. Brooks Rd.1:39
May23190541Tree DownE. South2:32
May23190542Assist Cisco With StormN. Main3:20
May23190543Tree Fire Star Rt/ Flowers7:27
May23190544Power Line DownReas Bridge9:55
May23190545Supervisory AofpdE. South ST.11:14
May 23190546Broken ClavicalMeadow Lane 22:52
May 24190547Supervisory AofpdW. South St.20:31
May 25190548Lift Assist McCory Ct.00:49
May 25190549Supervisory AofpdW. South St.3:31
May 25190550Supervisory AofpdW. South St.17:36
May 25190551Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Jackson ST.18:31
May 26190552Power line down Coulters Mill RD.1:11
May  26190553Vehicle AccidentCaleb Rd1:19
May 26190554Power Line downS. West st.1:19
May 26190555Power Line Down Kirby Rd.1:37
May 26190556Debris In RoadwayW. South St.2:05
May 26190557Pump Smoking W. South St.3:27
May 26190558Difficulty BreathingS. RT 485:41
May 26190559Supervisory W/ HPFW. Weaver Rd.6:09
May 26190560Vehicle Accident S. Rt 4812:13
May 26190561Abdemon PainTrucillas LN7:31
May 27190562Power Line down Cabin Rd 12:50
May 28190563Semi RolloverMound Rd/ Rt 4815:32
May28190564Battery VictimN. Kenwood St19:26
May 29190565Vehicle Accident 000 East/ 175 North20:54
May 291905661st Alarm AofpdKirby Rd23:06
May 30190567Vehicle Accident I 72 MM 1448:30
May 31190568Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoSheets Rd8:12
May 31190569Difficulty Breathing S. RT 48 13:19
May 31190570Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoS. Jackson13:36
Jun 1 190601HyperglycemiaN. Kenwood St.3:29
Jun 2190602Illegal BurnWilber Ct.11:45
Jun 3190603SyncopeE. Reas Bridge Rd.11:45
Jun 5190604Supervisory W/ HPFW. Marion ave.6:03
Jun 5190605Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoS. Jefferson9:19
Jun 5190606Difficulty BreathingS. View St.15:49
Jun 5190607Person FellMemory Ln.16:19
Jun 6190608Skin RashS. RT. 4818:45
Jun 7190609Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoDurfee St14:13
Jun 8190610Finger TramaE. Park St.11:41
Jun 11190612Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoMemory Ln.22:15
Jun 111906131st Alarm W/ CGFPDFront St./ Center St.15:18
Jun 11190614Brush FireN. Oakley Rd16:40
Jun 13190615Medical Call w/ Cerro Gordo 19:17
Jun 131906161st Alarm W/ CGFPDMain St.9:21
Jun 14190617Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoW. Franklin1:26
Jun 14190618Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoCarmi Ct16:08
June 15190619Person Fell Park CT.16:08
Jun16190620Lift Assist W. Abraham18:45
Jun 19190621Supervisory AOFPDW. South St.4:23
Jun 19190622SeizureWestmoore Dr.5:05
Jun 19190623Person Not EatingW. Franklin11:56
Jun 19190624Medical Call W/ Cerro Gordo FireCarmi Ct.16:58
Jun 19190625Vehicle Accident Greenswitch & Boyd Rd18:33
Jun 19190626Supervisory W/ HPFDW. Marion ave.22:28
Jun 20190627Medical Call W Cerro GordoW. Abraham11:12
Jun 21190628Medical Call W/ Cerro Gordo Carmi Ct.10:33
Jun 22190629Person FellE. Elm St18:31
Jun 22190630Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoW. Franklin19:05
Jun 23190631Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoS. 2ND. St. LAPLACE14:34
Jun 25190632Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoS. 2ND St. LAPLACE9:556
Jun 25190633Hay Fire Hampshire Rd.19:35
Jun 26190634Car WreckPrairie Rd13:32
Jun 26190635Supervisory Alarm W/ CGFDReas Bridge Rd.20:05
Jun 27190636Activated Medical alarmW. Bower 4:07
Jun 28190637Supervisory Alarm W/ HPFDW. Weaver18:01
Jun 28190638Supervisory Alarm W/ HPFDW. Marion Ave.22:58
Jun 29190639Possible DOAE. Water St.15:27
Jun 30190640Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoWestside Dr.13:48
Jul 1 190701Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoW. Waite12:25
Jul 2190702Weakness in armBoyd Rd.9:27
Jul 5190703UnresponsiveBirch Church Rd.6:20
Jul 5190704Car WreckCG Blacktop/ Rush Rd.15:50
Jul 5190705Car Wreck Hickory point Rd./ greenswitch16:54
Jul 6 190706StrokeE. South St.15:33
Jul 6190707Lock out E. Park7:55
Jul 6190708Head PainMeadow Ln.21:09
Jul 8190709Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoS. Jackson14:18
Jul 9190710Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoAngle Crossing/ County Line 19:42
Jul 12190711Change Of QuartersLong creek fire14:24
Jul 12190712Difficulty BreathingWalker Rd.15:55
Jul 12190713Supervisory W/ Long creek S. Brooks Ct.19:22
Jul 12190714Difficulty Breathing Rt. 48 Apt 723:09
Jul 13190715Person WeakRajon Dr.21:37
Jul 14190716Supervisory W/ Long CreekCedar Creek Ct.19:27
Jul 15190717Head injuryE. Boyd Rd.8:34
Jul 15190718Difficulty Breathing Oakley Rd.9:45
Jul 15190719Diabetic EmergencyN. Melrose St.13:35
Jul 15190720Difficulty BreathingE. Belle St.20:54
Jun 17190721Lift Assist Short Street 23:38
Jul 17190722Man FellE. South St.14:29
Jul 18190723Threatening suicideMain St.18:25
Jul 19190724Car Wreck 148 MM I-7211:36
Jul 19 190725Supervisory alarm W/LCFDSouthbrook Ct. 16:15
Jul 19190726Lift Assist Reas Bridge Rd.17:25
Jul 22 190727Car WreckMound Rd. And Rt 486:44
Jul 22190728Lift AssistHeritage Ln.22:08
Jul 231907291st alarm North St.10:04
Jul 27190730Car Wreck I72 MM14414:04
Jul 30190731Possible OverdoseI72 MM1447:21
Jul 30190732Possible OverdoseI72 MM1447:44
Jul 30190733Person FellPark St.14:07
Jul 31190734Vehicle fire W/ CiscoBriggs Rd. & Jordan Rd.11:06
Aug 2190801Man siting on shoulder I72 MM 145 EB17:56
Aug 2190802Co Check Jordan Rd 10:01
Aug 3190803Lift Assist W. Elm19:37
Aug 3190804Smell of something hot E. Park 21:17
Aug 3 190805Car Wreck W/CgfpdRt. 10522:34
Aug 4190806House Fire N. North St.9:45
Aug 5190807Car WreckIlliniwick and greenswitch9:43
Aug 5190808Difficulty Breathing W. Bower St 10:21
Aug 7190809Diabetic emergencyBirch church7:13
Aug 7190810Supervisory alarm W/ CgfdPrairie View Rd.9:07
Aug 8190811Person SickW. Belle St.5:35
Aug17190812person ChockingS. Main street 7:21
Aug 17190813Supervisory alarm W/ Long creek fire South Brook Dr.8:44
Aug 17190814!st alarm W/ Hickory Point Shed FirePlainview St8:44
Aug 18190815Car Wreck Rt. 48 & North Street15:14
Aug 21190816High blood pressureCG Black top7:34
Aug 21190817Car WreckMound Rd. & Rt. 488:57
Aug 23190818Lift Assist Main St.2:34
Aug 23190819Supervisory AlarmSouth St.7:14
Aug 23190820Medical Call W/ CgfpdLincoln St.8:42
Aug 23190821Dehydrated W. Belle 12:46
Aug 23190822Person FellCoulters Mill Rd.13:26
Aug 26190823Smoke detectorE. South Street6:33
Aug 27 190824Supervisory alarm W/ HpfpdBurnett Ave18:25
Aug 28190825Man FellBroadway16:59
Aug 30190826Truck Fire I 72 MM 14818:31
Aug 30190827Truck Fire I 72 MM 14818:31
Aug 31190828Back Pain W/ CGFPDW. Center :50
Aug 31190829Head InjuryMidway21:29
Sept 11909011st alarm W/ HPFPDRt.515:50
Sept 1190902Medical call W/CGFPDMadison14:16
Sept 1190903Person Passed out North St.23:43
Sept 5190904person having SeizuresNorth St.21:57
Sept 5190905Oven Fire W/LCFPDRicky Dr.12:16
Sept 6190906Possible StrokeBoyd Rd.13:10
Sept 8190907Wash Down RT. 4811:38
Sept 9190908Medical Call W/ CGFPDSheets Rd.13:03
Sept 11190909Person FellSouth Street 12:28
Sept 12190910Supervisory Alarm W/HPFPDShadow Ln.4:40
Sept 13190911Chest PainCaleb Rd.21:12
Sept 14190912Supervisory W/ HPFPDMarion Ave.3:27
Sept 14 190913Fell with head injuryView Circle21:13
Sept 15190914Car Wreck Argenta Rd.1:52
Sept 20190915Grass FireI 7214:50
Sept 20190916Medical Alarm Main St. 14:22
Sept 20190917Suoervisory W/ HPFPDMarion Ave15:59
Sept 24190918Person fell in ditchNorth St.13:43
Sept 24190919FIre alarm Durfee13:58
Sept 25190920Car wreckI72 MM 14421:11
Sept 26190921Hurt BackMain St.11:29
Sept 30 1909221st alarm W/LCFPDcamp Warren19:07
Oct 1 191001Child locked in bathroomSouth Street 13:57
Oct 1 191002person passed out cundiff ct.15:22
Oct 1191003Supervisory with HPFDMarket Drive16:08
Oct 4191004Low OxygenSheets Rd.19:33
Oct 4 1910051st alarm with CGFDDurfee14:58
Oct 5191006Difficulty BreathingCaleb Rd.6:45
Oct 5191007Welfare CheckHospitality Ln.9:14
Oct 6 191008Female WeakE. South St.14:17
Oct 7191009stroke Boyd rd.13:24
Oct 71910101Difficulty Breathing Graces Ln.18:23
Oct 7191011Arm Cut W. Belle St.22:20
Oct 8191012Chest Pain Cundiff Ct.16:05
Oct 91910131st alarm Trailer fire Old Stage coach Rd.13:20
Oct 9191014Dislocated ArmSouth St. 12:46
Oct 12191015Chest PainsPrairie St.22:25
Oct 14191016Person FellWalnut and  melrose 18:38
Oct 15191017Fell Outside Chris Dr.14:13
Oct 16191018General WeaknessW. Elm7:31
Oct 17191019Alt/ Conscious Diamond Head Ct. 23:16
Oct 18191020Car Wreck Mound and Rt 488:36
Oct 18191021Combine Fire Washington and Greenswitch17:05
Oct 19191022Medical Alarm South St. 11:21
Oct 19191023Medical AlarmOakley rd 12:06
Oct 191910241st alarm with CGFPDSheets Rd & Oakley Rd17:26
Oct 21191025Car WreckGreenswitch and Emery8:55
Oct 21191026Passed Out W. South St.10:12
Oct 23191027Combine Fire Duroc & Argenta Rd.15:46
Oct 24191028Wellness check Cemetary Rd.10:58
Oct 24191029SeizureForest Prkwy.11:19
Oct 251910301st alarm W/ MFPDMaple1:07
Oct 25191031Car WreckRt. 4815:35
Oct 25191032Person IllBoyd Rd.19:07
Oct 27191033car WreckI72 13:12
Oct 27191034Car WreckI7215:38
Oct 27191035Person IllKenwood St.18:55
Oct 27191036Person having seizureRt. 4819:14
Oct 281910371st alarm W/ MFPDEmery21:13
Oct 29191038Car WreckMound & Brush college16:50
Oct 301910391st alarm W/ MFPDEmery Rd.23:52
Oct 31191040Car WreckArgenta Rd. 14:15
Oct 31191041Alchol Poisoning N. Clay St.23:23
Nov 61911011st alarm W/ MFPDE. Main9:04
Nov 6191102Co CheckE. South Street 9:15
Nov 6191103Lift Assist E. Park St.13:43
Nov 7191104Medical AlarmGraces Ln.13:36
Nov 11191105Vehicle FireI 72 Mile Marker 15217:55
Nov 12191106Semi Smoking I72 Rt 48 exit 15:24
Nov 13191107Person FellPrairie St.9:43
Nov 15191108Person FellWise Rd.7:14
Nov 15191109Gas SmellRajon Dr.17:08
Nov 16191110Male Passed out Westmore Dr.17:29
Nov 161911111st alarm W/ HPFPDApache Dr.22:58
Nov Gas 18191112Person FellW. Prairie 7:36
Nov 19191113Baby fell down stairs S. View5:50
Nov 22191114Possible StrokeN. Main11:53
Nov 22191115Gas LeakN. Main13:13
Nov 24191116Abuse medical E. Boyd Rd6:09
Nov 26191117anhydrous leak800 N & 400 E9:10
Nov 27191118Gas LeakKirby Rd10:54
Nov 28191119Power line down Prairie Rd.6:52
Nov 29191120Chest Pain Boyd Rd.1:58
Nov 30191121Chest Pain Cundiff Rd.4:28
Nov 30191122Difficulty Breathing E. South St.19:50
Dec 1191201Child locked in car I72 rest area13:35
Dec 1 191202Difficulty BreathingE. South street 18:17
Dec 3 191203Car WreckBrush college8:13
Dec 3 191204Car WreckRt 48 and I 729:54
Dec 3 191205First AlarmMound rd.10:55
Dec 4 191206Semi FireI 72 rest area 9:39
Dec 4 191207Chest painHospitality Ln23:57
Dec 7 191208Car wreckCommercial crossing16:39
Dec 8191209Sick PersonBoyd Rd.7:46
Dec 9191210SupervisoryW. south street14:24
Dec 9191211Head injurySchool Rd.17:13
Dec 10191212Diabetic emergencyMelrose St7:30
Dec 10191213Lift-Assist S. Rt 48 11:15
Dec 11 191214Stomach CrampsE. Boyd Rd.20:41
Dec 12191215Difficulty BreathingForest Prkwy6:00
Dec 15191216Large Fire Cemetery Rd.16:58
Dec 17191217Medical alarmRt. 4816:06
Dec 19191218Male FellRt. 481:48
Dec 20191219Abdominal Pain Wilber Ct. 7:00
Dec 21191220Abdominal PainWilber Rd.9:23
Dec 21191221Car WreckI 72 mm 15219:31
Dec 22191222Male fellGarver Church rd.0:36
Dec 26191223Male Cut self Rajon Dr.22:34
Dec 29191224DiabeticSouth St.1:03
Dec 31 191225DiabeticSouth St.2:53

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