2020 Call Log
DateRun #Nature of RunLocationTime of Run
JAN 1 200101Cut on head Jordan Rd.12:18
JAN 3200102Supervisory fire alarm N. Main8:25
JAN 3200103Supervisory fire alarm N. Main 10:35
JAN 5200104Car wreckI 72 7:44
JAN 7200105Sych patient Warren 2:06
JAN 7200106Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDMarrion Ave.2:06
JAN 8 200107Unresponsive patient Garver church 5:55
JAN 8200108Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDMarrion Ave.8:27
JAN 10 200109 Stroke E. South13:25
JAN 11200110Unknown medical E. South13:49
JAN 13200111Lift assist North street20:39
JAN 14200112StrokeE. Emery 15:01
JAN 16200113Medical alarm Graces lane 11:13
JAN 16200114Overdose I-72 Rest area 14:11
JAN 17200115Car fire  w/CGFPDShelby St.00:39
JAN 17200116Car wreck I72 MM 14517:42
JAN 17200117Car wreck I 72 MM 14517:42
JAN 17200118Stroke S. North 21:50
JAN 18200119Lift assist N. Coultersmill Rd.5:44
JAN 21200120Car wreck Greenswitch and Illiniwick 16:02
JAN 22200121Medical alarm Coultersmill Rd.8:08
JAN 25200122Medical alarm E. South St.11:28
JAN 26200123Supervisory fire alarm Greenswitch Rd.9:50
JAN 26200124Chest pain N. Main 10:35
JAN 27200125Lift assist W. Prairie 9:15
JAN29200126Patient fell N. North  St.23:25
JAN 30200127Two people fighting I 72 MM 14615:19
JAN 30200128Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDMARION AVE15:32
FEB 2200201Road wash down I 72 East bound Ramp 15:48
FEB 3200202Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDClement Ave9:01
FEB 5 200203Car wreck I-72 MM 14814:39
FEB 5200204Car wreck Argenta Rd & Illiniwick Rd.14:45
FEB 5 200205Microwave fire W. Prairie St.14:51
FEB 6200206Difficulty breathing E. Belle St.21:44
FEB 7200207Car wreck Argenta Rd..22:57
FEB 8200208Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDJames Ct.6:43
FEB 10200209Difficulty breathingArgenta Rd.0:59
FEB 10200210House fire  w/CGFPDW. Carter19:16
FEB 10200211Domestic dispute S. Rt. 4823:58
FEB 11200212PD assist Boyd Rd. & Rt. 4819:16
FEB 11200213PD assist White Oak Ct.19:16
FEB 16200214Stove fire Illiniwick Rd.14:17
FEB 16200215Chest pains E. Garver  Church Rd.19:26
FEB 17200216Blood sugarBoyd Rd.12:05
FEB 18200217Person sick I-72 Rest area 5:02
FEB 18200218Lethargic Rt.48 AND Mound Rd.8:42
FEB 19200219Person fell  w/ INJURIESView Circle7:18
FEB 20200220Person passed out Reas Bridge Ct.5:58
FEB 20200221Car wreck I-72 MM 14912:36
FEB 20200222Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDS. RT. 5114:49
FEB 21200223Person sick E. Boyd Rd.8:08
FEB 22200224Lift assist N. Main St.3:04
FEB 25200225Outlet sparking W. South St.12:16
FEB 25200226Unknown fire Argenta Rd. and Illiniwick8:47
FEB 27200227Person sick E. South St.8:52
FEB 29200228Lift assist W. Prairie St.4:46
FEB 29200229Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.9:59
FEB 29200230Person with side pain N. Main St.11:31
MAR 1200301Difficulty breathing S. View St.16:08
MAR 1200302Person passed out S. North St.17:17
MAR 2200303Difficulty breathing Forest Pkwy.19:42
MAR 5200304Person needing help insideN. Main St.19:30
MAR 6200305Supervisory alarm w/ LCFPDS. Lake Ct.10:36
MAR 6200306Lift assist N. Main St.14:20
MAR 6200307Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDWeaver Rd.18:24
MAR 8200308Person with chest pains N. Clay St.7:33
MAR 8200309Grass fire w/CGFPDE. Carter 14:50
MAR 8200310Combine fire  w/ CGFPDDONOVAN RD.18:47
MAR 9200311Supervisory alarm w/ CGFPDS. Jackson 23:38
MAR 10200312Lift assist E. Park  St.9:42
MAR 10200313Abdominal pain N. Main 13:19
MAR 11200314Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDLucile Ave.17:56
MAR 13200315Person fell w/ injuries BIRCH CHURCH12:07
MAR 13200316Supervisory alarm  w/ LCFPDLong Creek Fire House13:06
MAR 14200317Person fellW. Bower St. 6:14
MAR 14200318Car wreck I-72 MM 1469:02
MAR 14200319Car in ditch I-72 MM 1489:37
MAR 15200320Person fell with leg pain W. Prairie St.8:12
MAR 20200321Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Marion  Ave.00:29
MAR 21200322Person with fever N. Clay St. 16:32
MAR 22200323Person passed out Westmore Dr.17:59
MAR 23200324Car wreck E. Boyd Rd.9:14
MAR 24200325Person fell Dunbar Rd.3:33
MAR 26200326Car wreck Greenswitch And Hickory Point Rd.6:26
MAR 26200327Difficulty breathing Argenta Rd.20:56
MAR 27200328Supervisory alarm w/ LCFPDN. State Rt. 12115:32
MAR 28200329Supervisory alarm w/ CGFPDPrairie View Rd.10:31
MAR 28200330Supervisory alarm w/ CGFPDPRAIRIE VIEW RD.10:52
MAR 28 200331House fire w/ CGFPDPrairie View Rd.12:01
MAR 28200332Supervisory alarm  w/ HPFPDLucile Ave.12:37
MAR 30200333House fire  w/ MFPDW. Jackson St.5:46
MAR 30200334Patient cut foot E. Broadway10:37
MAR 31200335Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.19:22
APR 3200401Person passed out E. Park St.12:20
APR 3200402House fire  w/HPFPDE. Lucile Ave. 17:25
APR 4200403Person with chest pains W. Bowyer 15:52
APR 5200404Power line down N. Prairie St.9:20
APR 6200405person having Allergic reactionRyan Dr.8:51
APR 6200406Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.16:45
APR 8200407Power line down RT. 48 AND Newburg Rd.12:28
APR 8 200408Brush fire out of controlE. Broadway St.17:44
APR 8200409House fire Chris Dr.17:56
APR 82004101st. alarm w/HPFPDMarion Ave.18:05
APR 8200411House fire N. Rt. 4818:15
APR 8 200412Semi wreckI-72 MM 15018:15
APR 8 200413Gas leak in house N. Kenwood St.18:49
APR 8200414Power line down Forest PKWY AND Cundiff Rd.18:49
APR 8 200415Power line down Oakley Rd.18:49
APR 8200416Power line down Brush College Rd.19:11
APR 8 200417Power line down Friends Creek Rd.20:14
APR 8200418Power line down Emery Rd.20:18
APR 9200419Power line down Connors Rd.6:40
APR 9200420Medical alarm Melrose St.8:40
APR 11200421Medical alarm Melrose St.4:22
APR 11200422Stroke W. Elm St.17:14
APR 12200423Lift assist Melrose St.19:24
APR 13200424Car wreck Illiniwick Rd. AND Argenta Rd.11:59
APR 13200425Diabetic emergencyMelrose St. 18:00
APR 14200426Dumpster Fire Prairie St. 10:50
APR 16200427Diabetic emergency Melrose St.13:05
APR 17200428Psych.  Person  I-7214:03
APR 20200429CO check Westmore Dr.18:09
APR 21200430Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Marion Ave.9:20
APR 21200431Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDMelinda Ct.13:20
APR 21200432Medical alarm School  Rd.14:25
APR 23200433Car wreck I-72 4:53
APR 23200434Car wreck Greenswitch Rd.8:26
APR 23200435Diabetic emergencyMelrose St.10:03
APR 23200436Person fell E. South St.16:49
APR 23200437Lift assist E. South St.18:50
APR 26200438Dryer plug fire Coulters Mill Rd.20:17
APR 27200439Person fellN. North St.8:11
APR 27200440Person with chest pains Rayjon Dr.20:26
APR 28200441Gas leak View Cr.14:53
APR 29200442House  w/ LCFPDBLAKE RIDGE CT.19:23
APR 30200443Person with chest pains Boyd Rd.4:44
MAY 1 200501Fire alarm w/HPFPDWhite Oak Ct. 11:22
MAY 3200502Car in ditch Argenta Rd. and Caleb Rd. 4:28
MAY 8 200503Car wreck Rt. 48 AND Country Rd.4:54
MAY 8200504Person poisonedCoultersmill Rd. 13:43
MAY 12200505Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDGreenswitch Ln.17:25
MAY 12200506Difficulty breathing Emery Rd.19:15
MAY 13200507Diabetic emergencyBirch Church Rd.18:18
MAY 17200508Garage fire w/CGFPDN. Illini2:15
MAY 17200509Garage fire w/CGFPDN. Illini4:02
MAY 17200510Medical alarm W. Bell4:59
MAY17200511Car in ditch I-72 MM 14416:59
MAY 18200512Car in field Argenta Rd.21:03
MAY 19200513Patient cut hand Friends Creek Park Rd.16:35
MAY 19200514supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDE. Lucile Ave.23:09
MAY 22200515Stove fire w/MFPDMaple St.8:39
MAY 22200516Patient hurt leg N. RT. 4822:26
MAY 23200517Motorcycle wreck S. North  St.5:29
MAY 23200518Patient hurt leg Rt. 487:27
MAY 23200519Patient hurt leg E. East St.12:46
MAY 24200520Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDS. RT. 5122:23
MAY 25200521Patient hurt leg W. Belle 4:33
MAY 25200522Power line down Jordan Rd.13:33
MAY 25200523Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDS. Rt. 5111:01
MAY 27200524CO Check Forrest Pkwy.15:45
MAY 28200525Medical alarm W. Belle 5:44
MAY 28200526Person passed out Boyd  Rd.5:08
MAY 29200527Car smoking I-72 MM 14422:05
MAY 29200528Lift assist Reas Bridge Rd.13:50
JUN 1 200601Patient fell Coultersmill Rd. 8:28
JUN 2200602Diabetic emergency Melrose St.7:15
JUN 4200603Patient sick W. Belle St.9:19
JUN 5200604Patient with broken hip E. Reas Bridge Rd. 15:48
JUN 6200605Person with chest pains E. Broadway 00:47
JUN9200606Power line down Kirby Rd. 10:18
JUN 9200607Patient fell N. North St. 11:27
JUN10200608Car wreck Rt. 48 and Forrest Pkwy.9:24
JUN12200609Apartment fire w/CGFPDW. Frantz St.3:30
JUN15200610Car wreck Forrest Pkwy.11:36
JUN15200611Shed fire w/LCFPD70TH St.16:47
JUN15200612Smoke alarm Phillip Circle.18:22
JUN15200613Psych. patient Sunsetter Ct.18:37
JUN16200614Medical alarm W. Belle St.2:05
JUN15200615CO alarm Park Ct.6:39
JUN16200616Church fire w/ CLINTONS. Maullberry St.9:03
JUN16200617Patient Fell N. Main St. 14:59
JUN17200618Patient fell W. Belle St. 15:04
JUN17200619Grill fire  w/LCFPDPeachtree Ct.18:20
JUN17200620Dryer fire w/MFPDN. MAPLE22:00
JUN18200621Medical alarmW. Belle St.17:21
JUN20200622Patient weak and fever Hickory Hills 9:41
JUN20200623Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.11:02
JUN20200624Supervisory alarm  w/LCFPDCraylock Ave.17:54
JUN20 200625Possible overdose W. Bower St.22:09
JUN21200626Car wreck N. Rt. 4815:00
JUN21200627Kidney problemsE. South St.23:07
JUN22200628Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDE. Lucile Ave.14:34
JUN22200629Person with chest pains I-72 Rest area 16:50
JUN23200630Feeding tube problemRt. 487:40
JUN 26200631Truck on fire w/HPFPDIllini Dr.11:58
JUN26200632Garage fire w/LCFPDTwin Bridge Rd.19:32
JUN26200633Lift assist w/LCFPDE. Evergreen Ct.20:44
JUN30200634Lift assist School Rd. 7:48
JUN30200635Patient Intoxicated  N. Main St. 22:38
JUL 1200701Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDE. Lucile Ave.12:04
JUL 1200702Fire alarm Cemetery Rd. 20:06
JUL 2200703Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDHickory Point Rd. 12:57
JUL2200704Person passed out E. Boyd Rd.13:22
JUL 2200705Car wreck South St and View St. 15:35
JUL 3200706Difficulty breathing Hospitality Ln. 6:15
JUL 3200707Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDHope Dr.10:53
JUL 3200708Field fire Friends Creek Rd.20:52
JUL 3200709Patient in labor Griffith Park Ct.22:38
JUL 4200710Garage fire S. Rt. 4813:30
JUL 4200711person having seizure E. Boyd Rd. 13:55
JUL 5200712Lift assist W. Elm St.21:13
JUL 6200713Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDE. LUCILE AVE.1:22
JUL 7200714Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDS. MTZ RD.12:18
JUL 8200715Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDDAY DR.9:47
JUL10200716Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDS. RT. 515:21
JUL10200717Supervisory alarm w/CGFPDS. MONROE ST.10:45
JUL10200718Threatening suicide Hospitality Ln.19:33
JUL 11200719Transformer fire  w/ HPFPDE. Neely Ave.21:55
JUL 12200720Patient fell Mayberry Ct.19:10
JUL 13200721CO Check Illiniwick Rd.8:05
JUL 13200722Four wheeler wreck Ridge Bluff Ct.15:05
JUL 14200723Patient fell  w/ Knee injuryPin Oak Ln. 5:15
JUL 14200724Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Marion Ave.10:55
JUL 14200725Medical alarm E. Elm St. 14:46
JUL 16200726House fire  w/ CGFPDMadison St.19:05
JUL 17200727Lift assist W. Prairie St. 12:05
JUL 19200728Car wreckI 72 MM 15020:58
JUL 20200729Possible psych. episode Sunsetter Ct. 22:25
JUL 21200730Supervisory alarm Boyd  Rd.8:30
JUL 21200731Panic attack I-72 MM 14413:57
JUL 21200732Electric fire Rayjon  Dr.17:32
JUL 21200733Lightning strike View Cr. 19:50
JUL 21200734Supervisory alarm w/HFPDHickory Point Mall 20:41
JUL 22200735Supervisory alarm  w/ MFPDMain St.22:14
JUL 22200736Supervisory alarm  w/CGFPDCabin Rd. 16:40
JUL 23200737Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDLucile Ave16:34
JUL 24200738Possible strokeReas Bridge Rd.15:46
JUL 25200739Brain tumor Boyd Rd.11:15
JUL 28200740Supervisory alarm  w/ HPFPDMarion Ave.14:02
JUL 29200741Garage fire  w/ MFPDOak St.13:09
AUG 5200801Semi wreck I-72 MM 15121:17
AUG 6200802 Car wreck not found Rt. 48 AND Belle St.18:32
AUG 8200803Car fire I- 72 Overpass15:29
AUG 10200804Diabetic emergencySouth St.8:27
AUG 12200805Smoke alarmView Ct.13:36
AUG 12200806supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.17:07
AUG 12200807Heart attack View Cr.19:46
AUG 12200808Possible car wreck 22ND AND Mound Rd.20:46
AUG 13200809Patient fell W. Bower Rd.12:52
AUG 13200810Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.17:35
AUG 13200811Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave. 18:11
AUG 14200812Person with chest pains S. Rt. 483:50
AUG 17200813Road wash down Rt. 48 AND Jordan Rd.14:49
AUG 20200814Supervisory alarm w/CGFPDPrairie View Rd.18:03
AUG 21200815Person with chest pains Birch Church Rd.13:30
AUG21200816Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place 16:54
AUG21200817Supervisory alarm w/CGFPDS. Madison 17:31
AUG21200818Supervisory alarmW. South St.21:52
AUG23200819Requet for water w/Deland1st St.23:04
AUG23200820Seizure E. Hospitality 11:04
AUG23200821Possible strokeW. Elm St.14:09
AUG25200822Diabetic emergency Kirby Rd. 8:12
AUG25200823Supervisory alarm  w/LCFDE. Lost Bridge Rd. 15:04
AUG26200824Man power to Wapella Toad Hill Rd.12:26
AUG26200825Person fell w/ injuries Wilber Ct.12:58
AUG26200826Mental break down Settingsun Ct. 22:00
AUG27200827Change of quarters W. Main st.6:33
AUG29200828Car wreck Rt. 48 AND Mound Rd. 7:58
AUG29200829Difficulty Breathing Boyd Rd.19:37
AUG31200830Oven fire  w/HPFPDForsyth Rd. 12:21
AUG31200831Supervisory alarm  w/ LCFDSouth lake Ct.15:25
SEPT1200901Unknown medical Boyd Rd.1:02
SEPT1200902Supervisory alarm w/ LCFPDBuckhead Ln.3:56
SEPT1200903Supervisory alarmWhite Oaks Ct.8:45
SEPT1200904Lift assistWilber Ct.18:00
SEPT 3200905Patient very sick Oakley Rd.8:13
SEPT 4200906Lift assist Wilber Rd. 15:12
SEPT 5200907Lift assist Rt. 4819:49
SEPT 6200908Person UnresponsiveN. Clay19:39
SEPT 7200909Broken hip W. Prairie St. 5:17
SEPT 7200910Difficulty breathing Reas Bridge Rd. 22:15
SEPT 9200911Diabetic emergencyKirby Rd.10:35
SEPT 9200912Building fire w/HPFPDLucile Ave.18:48
SEPT 10200913CO alarm W. Claremont St.10:37
SEPT 11200914Lift assist School Rd. 14:44
SEPT 12200915Difficulty breathing South St. 00:05
SEPT 14200916Medical alarm Main St.12:27
SEPT 15200917Supervisory alarm  w/ HPFPDBarnett Ave. 16:14
SEPT 17200918Patient Fell Forrest Pkwy.9:32
SEPT17200919Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDMarket Dr.16:45
SEPT 18200920Tree on fire Forrest Pkwy20:39
SEPT19200921Patient fell with head injuryS. North St.8:49
SEPT19200922Patient sick Birch Church Rd.22:26
SEPT22200923Difficulty breathing Rory Ct.2:17
SEPT22200924Supervisory alarm w/LCFPDUS 3611:37
SEPT23200925Bleeding from catheter Greenswitch Rd. 00:49
SEPT 23200926Swelling in legs Forest Pkwy.20:11
SEPT 26200927Possible DOATimberlane Dr.7:02
SEPT26200928High blood pressure Mayberry Ct.7:23
SEPT27200929Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDMarion Ave.19:15
SEPT27200930Supervisory alarm  w/LCFPDMaynor Ave7:07
SEPT28200931Fire alarm Kenwood St.13:34
SEPT28200932Person fell W. Plains 18:01
SEPT28200933Difficulty breathing S. North St.18:22
SEPT29200934Difficulty breathing S. Rt. 4823:22
SEPT 30200935Leg pain Prairie St.11:46
SEPT 30200936Field fire Conors Rd.  & Hampshire Rd.16:20
SEPT 30 200937Difficulty breathing Oakley Rd.17:32
OCT 1 201001House fire w/CGFPDEast St.15:10
OCT 3201002Car Wreck Rt. 486:47
OCT 3201003Medical alarm W. Bowyer St.16:29
OCT 5201004Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.7:59
OCT 5201005Diesel spill Rt. 48 AND Friends Creek Rd.19:09
OCT 6201006Patient with chest painsChris Dr.11:17
OCT 6201007Psych patient Sunsetter Ct.11:42
OCT 6201008Patient off meds Upton Ln.16:53
OCT 6201009Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDLucile Ave.18:39
OCT 7201010Patient unresponsive  Progress City 6:39
OCT 7201011Medical alarmE. Water St.10:05
OCT 7201012Car wreck  Argenta Rd.17:07
OCT 7201013Possible stroke E. Park St. 19:38
OCT10201014Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPD S. Glenwood Dr.00:32
OCT10201015Car wreck Caleb Rd..17:26
OCT11201016Tree fire Prairie View Rd.17:26
OCT12201017Patient with abdominal pain Mayberry Ct.00:31
OCT12201018Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place6:14
OCT13201019Patient with chest pain View Cr.6:10
OCT13201020Supervisory w/HPFPDHickory Point Mall8:49
OCT13201021Child locked in car S. View Circle 25:53
OCT 13201022Grain bin fire 1500 North20:41
OCT 14201023Grassfire Rt. 48 & View St.16:23
OCT 14201024Grass fire w/CGFPDE. Fitzgerald Rd.16:38
OCT 16201025Smoke in building Rt. 4816:06
OCT 17201026Car wreck Boyd  Rd. and Rt. 4816:31
OCT 17201027Standby for CGFPDS. North St.13:48
OCT 18201028Field fire w/ ClintonBroadway Rd. and Lane St.15:45
OCT 18201029Burning Leaves Wilcar Ct.14:03
OCT 19201030Propane smell N. Commerce Ct.15:12
OCT 20201031Stand by for  CGFPDS. North St. 15:09
OCT 22201032FEMALE PASSED OUTBoyd Rd.9:32
OCT 22201033Motorcycle accident Emery Rd. and Greenswitch Rd.19:06
OCT 23201034Lift-assist  w/CGFPDN. Greenway Rd.7:56
OCT 23201035Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDHickory Point Rd.9:16
OCT 23201036Person sick E. Water St.16:36
OCT 25201037Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDStevens Creek Ct.17:15
OCT 25201038Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDHickory Point Rd.18:24
OCT 25201039Supervisory alarm w/LCFPDLake Reunion Pkwy.20:37
OCT 26201040Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDStevens Creek Ct. 1:04
OCT 26201041Lift-assist  w/ CGFPDGreenway Rd.7:23
OCT 27201042Patient Fell E. Park St.10:29
OCT 28201043Male confused Rt. 480:07
OCT 29201044Lift-assist W/ CGFPDGreenway Rd 8:26
OCT 29201045Lift-assist Prairie St.13:16
Oct 30201046Lift-assist w/ CGFPDGreenway Rd.8:22
OCT 30201247Patient fell from the roof Oakley Rd14:00
Nov 12011011st alarm w/CGFPDCounty line Rd.1:00
Nov 1201102Car wreckEmery and Brush College11:00
Nov 2201103Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDS. Rt. 5112:58
Nov 2201104Patient with chest painsN. Oakley Rd.16:39
Nov 2201105Patient cut with glassE. South St.19:14
Nov 3201106Patient dizzy and sickE. Boyd Rd.2:12
Nov 3201107Patient needing helpPrairie Rd.10:27
Nov 3201108Patient with respiratory Christmas Tree Rd.10:40
Nov 3201109Brushfire Jordan Rd.17:47
Nov 4201110Brushfire Jordan Rd.1:20
Nov 4201111Patient dehydrated and sickE. Wise Rd.12:23
Nov 4201112GrassfireI-72 MM 15613:04
Nov 4201113Car wreckGreenswitch and Illiniwick15:59
Nov 62011141st alarm W/ MFPDW. Washington Rd.11:31
Nov 7201115 Car wreckI-72 MM 14823:40
Nov 8201116Field fireEmery Rd12:54
Nov 9 201117Patient passed out View Circle15:57
Nov 10201118Fire alarm w/HPFPDMound Rd.12:47
Nov 10201119Burning leaves W. Broadway St.17:39
Nov 11201120Fire alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave8:08
Nov 11201121Fire alarm w/HPFPDJacobs Way15:12
Nov 12201122Fire alarm w/HPFPDCommerce place 5:35
Nov 12201123Patient with difficulty breathingDiamond Head Ct.19:51
Nov 13201124Fire alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place20:12
Nov 15201125Fire alarm w/HPFPDHickory point mall4:36
Nov 15201126Fire alarm w/HPFPDHickory point mall5:19
Nov 16201127Lift-assist E. School Rd.8:40
Nov 18201128Patient with Difficulty breathing N. Lincoln in CG8:45
Nov 19201129Fire alarm w/HPFPDS. Smith St.12:29
Nov 19201130Grass fire W/CGFPDStare Rd.20:26
Nov21201131Smoke alarms going offForest Parkway8:32
Nov 21201132chimney fire W/HPFPDRt 121 and Rydell Ave.15:38
Nov 22201133Patient sick and coughing Birch Church Rd.8:13
Nov 22201134Patient having chest pains Birch Church Rd.15:29
Nov 23201135Patient having seizureW. Elm St.7:44
Nov 23201136House fire W/HPFPDRt. 1218:04
Nov 23201137Car wreck Mound & 22nd st.10:58
Nov 24201138Patient with seizureN. Rt. 485:52
Nov 26201139Fire alarm w/HPFPDPhillips Circle17:45
Nov 27201140patient not acting rightBoyd Rd. & Greenswitch13:23
Nov 30201141Patient having seizureWestmore Dr.13:35
Dec 2201201Patient took some pillsE. Park st.13:56
Dec 3201202Patient is dizzyN. Rt. 489:58
Dec 4201203Fire alarm W/HPFPDJacobs way17:32
Dec 4201204Patient having a seizureHospitality Lane18:51
Dec 4201205False alarm medical callBirch church 19:13
Dec 72012061st alarm W/ CGFPDWashington st.11:31
Dec 8201207Patient having a strokeS. Rt. 484:17
Dec 11201208Fire alarm W/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.20:16
Dec 12201209Patient with back pain E. Boyd Rd.3:12
Dec 12201210Patient difficulty breathing E. Hospitality Lane5:27
Dec 172012111st alarm W/HPFPDS. Rt. 12111:24
Dec 19201212Fire alarm W/ HPFPDBarnett Ave.2:34
Dec 21201213Fire alarm W/ LCFPDLake Reunion Pkwy.2:35
Dec 21201214Patient overdosedJordan Rd.10:28
Dec 21201215Barn Fire Jrdan Rd.11:35
Dec 21201216Patient diff. breathing W. Dodge St.12:40
Dec21201217Patient diff. breathingE. Elm18:56
Dec 22201218Patient having Diabetic issueWise Rd. & Greenswitch23:52
Dec 23201219Fire alarm W/ HPFPDN. Taylor Ave.21:34
Dec 25201220Patient FellE. South St.19:56
Dec 26201221Unknow medical W. Broadway19:18
Dec 27201222Fire alarm W/ HPFPD James Ct.16:01
Dec 27201223Patient fell and hit head Water St.19:48


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