News Headlines
Mon. May 16th 2016
Be on the look out around town for these pigs. Put your money in the pig with your favorite candidate's name!!! Candidates are Cory White,(pig at the firehouse), Ken Smith (pig at the village hall...
Sat. Jan 14th 2012
Chief Cory White had the opportunity today to teach fire safety to 10 Boy Scouts for their Fire Safety Merit Badge. Battalion Chief Phil Kimler, Firefighter Derek Miller & Firefighter Nathan Tolbe...
Tue. Jan 10th 2012
Chief Cory White & Battalion Chief Phil Kimler had the opportunity to give 10 Cub Scouts a tour of the firehouse and also take a ride in a firetruck tonight.
Sat. Sep 17th 2011
Members of the AOFPD took the MABAS 46 tent trailer today to Monticello to train with the MABAS 28 tent trailer. This was the first time we had set it up and we want to thank the members of MABAS 28 f...
Sat. Aug 13th 2011
Members of the AOFPD spent the day in Argenta at the Safety Day. We had several units on display and cut up a car as a demo of what we do during a car accident.
2020 Call Log
DateRun #Nature of RunLocationTime of Run
JAN 1 200101Cut on head Jordan Rd.12:18
JAN 3200102Supervisory fire alarm N. Main8:25
JAN 3200103Supervisory fire alarm N. Main 10:35
JAN 5200104Car wreckI 72 7:44
JAN 7200105Sych patient Warren 2:06
JAN 7200106Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDMarrion Ave.2:06
JAN 8 200107Unresponsive patient Garver church 5:55
JAN 8200108Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDMarrion Ave.8:27
JAN 10 200109 Stroke E. South13:25
JAN 11200110Unknown medical E. South13:49
JAN 13200111Lift assist North street20:39
JAN 14200112StrokeE. Emery 15:01
JAN 16200113Medical alarm Graces lane 11:13
JAN 16200114Overdose I-72 Rest area 14:11
JAN 17200115Car fire  w/CGFPDShelby St.00:39
JAN 17200116Car wreck I72 MM 14517:42
JAN 17200117Car wreck I 72 MM 14517:42
JAN 17200118Stroke S. North 21:50
JAN 18200119Lift assist N. Coultersmill Rd.5:44
JAN 21200120Car wreck Greenswitch and Illiniwick 16:02
JAN 22200121Medical alarm Coultersmill Rd.8:08
JAN 25200122Medical alarm E. South St.11:28
JAN 26200123Supervisory fire alarm Greenswitch Rd.9:50
JAN 26200124Chest pain N. Main 10:35
JAN 27200125Lift assist W. Prairie 9:15
JAN29200126Patient fell N. North  St.23:25
JAN 30200127Two people fighting I 72 MM 14615:19
JAN 30200128Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDMARION AVE15:32
FEB 2200201Road wash down I 72 East bound Ramp 15:48
FEB 3200202Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDClement Ave9:01
FEB 5 200203Car wreck I-72 MM 14814:39
FEB 5200204Car wreck Argenta Rd & Illiniwick Rd.14:45
FEB 5 200205Microwave fire W. Prairie St.14:51
FEB 6200206Difficulty breathing E. Belle St.21:44
FEB 7200207Car wreck Argenta Rd..22:57
FEB 8200208Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDJames Ct.6:43
FEB 10200209Difficulty breathingArgenta Rd.0:59
FEB 10200210House fire  w/CGFPDW. Carter19:16
FEB 10200211Domestic dispute S. Rt. 4823:58
FEB 11200212PD assist Boyd Rd. & Rt. 4819:16
FEB 11200213PD assist White Oak Ct.19:16
FEB 16200214Stove fire Illiniwick Rd.14:17
FEB 16200215Chest pains E. Garver  Church Rd.19:26
FEB 17200216Blood sugarBoyd Rd.12:05
FEB 18200217Person sick I-72 Rest area 5:02
FEB 18200218Lethargic Rt.48 AND Mound Rd.8:42
FEB 19200219Person fell  w/ INJURIESView Circle7:18
FEB 20200220Person passed out Reas Bridge Ct.5:58
FEB 20200221Car wreck I-72 MM 14912:36
FEB 20200222Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDS. RT. 5114:49
FEB 21200223Person sick E. Boyd Rd.8:08
FEB 22200224Lift assist N. Main St.3:04
FEB 25200225Outlet sparking W. South St.12:16
FEB 25200226Unknown fire Argenta Rd. and Illiniwick8:47
FEB 27200227Person sick E. South St.8:52
FEB 29200228Lift assist W. Prairie St.4:46
FEB 29200229Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.9:59
FEB 29200230Person with side pain N. Main St.11:31
MAR 1200301Difficulty breathing S. View St.16:08
MAR 1200302Person passed out S. North St.17:17
MAR 2200303Difficulty breathing Forest Pkwy.19:42
MAR 5200304Person needing help insideN. Main St.19:30
MAR 6200305Supervisory alarm w/ LCFPDS. Lake Ct.10:36
MAR 6200306Lift assist N. Main St.14:20
MAR 6200307Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDWeaver Rd.18:24
MAR 8200308Person with chest pains N. Clay St.7:33
MAR 8200309Grass fire w/CGFPDE. Carter 14:50
MAR 8200310Combine fire  w/ CGFPDDONOVAN RD.18:47
MAR 9200311Supervisory alarm w/ CGFPDS. Jackson 23:38
MAR 10200312Lift assist E. Park  St.9:42
MAR 10200313Abdominal pain N. Main 13:19
MAR 11200314Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDLucile Ave.17:56
MAR 13200315Person fell w/ injuries BIRCH CHURCH12:07
MAR 13200316Supervisory alarm  w/ LCFPDLong Creek Fire House13:06
MAR 14200317Person fellW. Bower St. 6:14
MAR 14200318Car wreck I-72 MM 1469:02
MAR 14200319Car in ditch I-72 MM 1489:37
MAR 15200320Person fell with leg pain W. Prairie St.8:12
MAR 20200321Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Marion  Ave.00:29
MAR 21200322Person with fever N. Clay St. 16:32
MAR 22200323Person passed out Westmore Dr.17:59
MAR 23200324Car wreck E. Boyd Rd.9:14
MAR 24200325Person fell Dunbar Rd.3:33
MAR 26200326Car wreck Greenswitch And Hickory Point Rd.6:26
MAR 26200327Difficulty breathing Argenta Rd.20:56
MAR 27200328Supervisory alarm w/ LCFPDN. State Rt. 12115:32
MAR 28200329Supervisory alarm w/ CGFPDPrairie View Rd.10:31
MAR 28200330Supervisory alarm w/ CGFPDPRAIRIE VIEW RD.10:52
MAR 28 200331House fire w/ CGFPDPrairie View Rd.12:01
MAR 28200332Supervisory alarm  w/ HPFPDLucile Ave.12:37
MAR 30200333House fire  w/ MFPDW. Jackson St.5:46
MAR 30200334Patient cut foot E. Broadway10:37
MAR 31200335Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.19:22
APR 3200401Person passed out E. Park St.12:20
APR 3200402House fire  w/HPFPDE. Lucile Ave. 17:25
APR 4200403Person with chest pains W. Bowyer 15:52
APR 5200404Power line down N. Prairie St.9:20
APR 6200405person having Allergic reactionRyan Dr.8:51
APR 6200406Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.16:45
APR 8200407Power line down RT. 48 AND Newburg Rd.12:28
APR 8 200408Brush fire out of controlE. Broadway St.17:44
APR 8200409House fire Chris Dr.17:56
APR 82004101st. alarm w/HPFPDMarion Ave.18:05
APR 8200411House fire N. Rt. 4818:15
APR 8 200412Semi wreckI-72 MM 15018:15
APR 8 200413Gas leak in house N. Kenwood St.18:49
APR 8200414Power line down Forest PKWY AND Cundiff Rd.18:49
APR 8 200415Power line down Oakley Rd.18:49
APR 8200416Power line down Brush College Rd.19:11
APR 8 200417Power line down Friends Creek Rd.20:14
APR 8200418Power line down Emery Rd.20:18
APR 9200419Power line down Connors Rd.6:40
APR 9200420Medical alarm Melrose St.8:40
APR 11200421Medical alarm Melrose St.4:22
APR 11200422Stroke W. Elm St.17:14
APR 12200423Lift assist Melrose St.19:24
APR 13200424Car wreck Illiniwick Rd. AND Argenta Rd.11:59
APR 13200425Diabetic emergencyMelrose St. 18:00
APR 14200426Dumpster Fire Prairie St. 10:50
APR 16200427Diabetic emergency Melrose St.13:05
APR 17200428Psych.  Person  I-7214:03
APR 20200429CO check Westmore Dr.18:09
APR 21200430Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Marion Ave.9:20
APR 21200431Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDMelinda Ct.13:20
APR 21200432Medical alarm School  Rd.14:25
APR 23200433Car wreck I-72 4:53
APR 23200434Car wreck Greenswitch Rd.8:26
APR 23200435Diabetic emergencyMelrose St.10:03
APR 23200436Person fell E. South St.16:49
APR 23200437Lift assist E. South St.18:50
APR 26200438Dryer plug fire Coulters Mill Rd.20:17
APR 27200439Person fellN. North St.8:11
APR 27200440Person with chest pains Rayjon Dr.20:26
APR 28200441Gas leak View Cr.14:53
APR 29200442House  w/ LCFPDBLAKE RIDGE CT.19:23
APR 30200443Person with chest pains Boyd Rd.4:44
MAY 1 200501Fire alarm w/HPFPDWhite Oak Ct. 11:22
MAY 3200502Car in ditch Argenta Rd. and Caleb Rd. 4:28
MAY 8 200503Car wreck Rt. 48 AND Country Rd.4:54
MAY 8200504Person poisonedCoultersmill Rd. 13:43
MAY 12200505Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDGreenswitch Ln.17:25
MAY 12200506Difficulty breathing Emery Rd.19:15
MAY 13200507Diabetic emergencyBirch Church Rd.18:18
MAY 17200508Garage fire w/CGFPDN. Illini2:15
MAY 17200509Garage fire w/CGFPDN. Illini4:02
MAY 17200510Medical alarm W. Bell4:59
MAY17200511Car in ditch I-72 MM 14416:59
MAY 18200512Car in field Argenta Rd.21:03
MAY 19200513Patient cut hand Friends Creek Park Rd.16:35
MAY 19200514supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDE. Lucile Ave.23:09
MAY 22200515Stove fire w/MFPDMaple St.8:39
MAY 22200516Patient hurt leg N. RT. 4822:26
MAY 23200517Motorcycle wreck S. North  St.5:29
MAY 23200518Patient hurt leg Rt. 487:27
MAY 23200519Patient hurt leg E. East St.12:46
MAY 24200520Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDS. RT. 5122:23
MAY 25200521Patient hurt leg W. Belle 4:33
MAY 25200522Power line down Jordan Rd.13:33
MAY 25200523Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDS. Rt. 5111:01
MAY 27200524CO Check Forrest Pkwy.15:45
MAY 28200525Medical alarm W. Belle 5:44
MAY 28200526Person passed out Boyd  Rd.5:08
MAY 29200527Car smoking I-72 MM 14422:05
MAY 29200528Lift assist Reas Bridge Rd.13:50
JUN 1 200601Patient fell Coultersmill Rd. 8:28
JUN 2200602Diabetic emergency Melrose St.7:15
JUN 4200603Patient sick W. Belle St.9:19
JUN 5200604Patient with broken hip E. Reas Bridge Rd. 15:48
JUN 6200605Person with chest pains E. Broadway 00:47
JUN9200606Power line down Kirby Rd. 10:18
JUN 9200607Patient fell N. North St. 11:27
JUN10200608Car wreck Rt. 48 and Forrest Pkwy.9:24
JUN12200609Apartment fire w/CGFPDW. Frantz St.3:30
JUN15200610Car wreck Forrest Pkwy.11:36
JUN15200611Shed fire w/LCFPD70TH St.16:47
JUN15200612Smoke alarm Phillip Circle.18:22
JUN15200613Psych. patient Sunsetter Ct.18:37
JUN16200614Medical alarm W. Belle St.2:05
JUN15200615CO alarm Park Ct.6:39
JUN16200616Church fire w/ CLINTONS. Maullberry St.9:03
JUN16200617Patient Fell N. Main St. 14:59
JUN17200618Patient fell W. Belle St. 15:04
JUN17200619Grill fire  w/LCFPDPeachtree Ct.18:20
JUN17200620Dryer fire w/MFPDN. MAPLE22:00
JUN18200621Medical alarmW. Belle St.17:21
JUN20200622Patient weak and fever Hickory Hills 9:41
JUN20200623Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.11:02
JUN20200624Supervisory alarm  w/LCFPDCraylock Ave.17:54
JUN20 200625Possible overdose W. Bower St.22:09
JUN21200626Car wreck N. Rt. 4815:00
JUN21200627Kidney problemsE. South St.23:07
JUN22200628Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDE. Lucile Ave.14:34
JUN22200629Person with chest pains I-72 Rest area 16:50
JUN23200630Feeding tube problemRt. 487:40
JUN 26200631Truck on fire w/HPFPDIllini Dr.11:58
JUN26200632Garage fire w/LCFPDTwin Bridge Rd.19:32
JUN26200633Lift assist w/LCFPDE. Evergreen Ct.20:44
JUN30200634Lift assist School Rd. 7:48
JUN30200635Patient Intoxicated  N. Main St. 22:38
JUL 1200701Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDE. Lucile Ave.12:04
JUL 1200702Fire alarm Cemetery Rd. 20:06
JUL 2200703Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDHickory Point Rd. 12:57
JUL2200704Person passed out E. Boyd Rd.13:22
JUL 2200705Car wreck South St and View St. 15:35
JUL 3200706Difficulty breathing Hospitality Ln. 6:15
JUL 3200707Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDHope Dr.10:53
JUL 3200708Field fire Friends Creek Rd.20:52
JUL 3200709Patient in labor Griffith Park Ct.22:38
JUL 4200710Garage fire S. Rt. 4813:30
JUL 4200711person having seizure E. Boyd Rd. 13:55
JUL 5200712Lift assist W. Elm St.21:13
JUL 6200713Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDE. LUCILE AVE.1:22
JUL 7200714Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDS. MTZ RD.12:18
JUL 8200715Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDDAY DR.9:47
JUL10200716Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDS. RT. 515:21
JUL10200717Supervisory alarm w/CGFPDS. MONROE ST.10:45
JUL10200718Threatening suicide Hospitality Ln.19:33
JUL 11200719Transformer fire  w/ HPFPDE. Neely Ave.21:55
JUL 12200720Patient fell Mayberry Ct.19:10
JUL 13200721CO Check Illiniwick Rd.8:05
JUL 13200722Four wheeler wreck Ridge Bluff Ct.15:05
JUL 14200723Patient fell  w/ Knee injuryPin Oak Ln. 5:15
JUL 14200724Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDW. Marion Ave.10:55
JUL 14200725Medical alarm E. Elm St. 14:46
JUL 16200726House fire  w/ CGFPDMadison St.19:05
JUL 17200727Lift assist W. Prairie St. 12:05
JUL 19200728Car wreckI 72 MM 15020:58
JUL 20200729Possible psych. episode Sunsetter Ct. 22:25
JUL 21200730Supervisory alarm Boyd  Rd.8:30
JUL 21200731Panic attack I-72 MM 14413:57
JUL 21200732Electric fire Rayjon  Dr.17:32
JUL 21200733Lightning strike View Cr. 19:50
JUL 21200734Supervisory alarm w/HFPDHickory Point Mall 20:41
JUL 22200735Supervisory alarm  w/ MFPDMain St.22:14
JUL 22200736Supervisory alarm  w/CGFPDCabin Rd. 16:40
JUL 23200737Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDLucile Ave16:34
JUL 24200738Possible strokeReas Bridge Rd.15:46
JUL 25200739Brain tumor Boyd Rd.11:15
JUL 28200740Supervisory alarm  w/ HPFPDMarion Ave.14:02
JUL 29200741Garage fire  w/ MFPDOak St.13:09
AUG 5200801Semi wreck I-72 MM 15121:17
AUG 6200802 Car wreck not found Rt. 48 AND Belle St.18:32
AUG 8200803Car fire I- 72 Overpass15:29
AUG 10200804Diabetic emergencySouth St.8:27
AUG 12200805Smoke alarmView Ct.13:36
AUG 12200806supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Weaver Rd.17:07
AUG 12200807Heart attack View Cr.19:46
AUG 12200808Possible car wreck 22ND AND Mound Rd.20:46
AUG 13200809Patient fell W. Bower Rd.12:52
AUG 13200810Supervisory alarm  w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.17:35
AUG 13200811Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave. 18:11
AUG 14200812Person with chest pains S. Rt. 483:50
AUG 17200813Road wash down Rt. 48 AND Jordan Rd.14:49
AUG 20200814Supervisory alarm w/CGFPDPrairie View Rd.18:03
AUG 21200815Person with chest pains Birch Church Rd.13:30
AUG21200816Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place 16:54
AUG21200817Supervisory alarm w/CGFPDS. Madison 17:31
AUG21200818Supervisory alarmW. South St.21:52
AUG23200819Requet for water w/Deland1st St.23:04
AUG23200820Seizure E. Hospitality 11:04
AUG23200821Possible strokeW. Elm St.14:09
AUG25200822Diabetic emergency Kirby Rd. 8:12
AUG25200823Supervisory alarm  w/LCFDE. Lost Bridge Rd. 15:04
AUG26200824Man power to Wapella Toad Hill Rd.12:26
AUG26200825Person fell w/ injuries Wilber Ct.12:58
AUG26200826Mental break down Settingsun Ct. 22:00
AUG27200827Change of quarters W. Main st.6:33
AUG29200828Car wreck Rt. 48 AND Mound Rd. 7:58
AUG29200829Difficulty Breathing Boyd Rd.19:37
AUG31200830Oven fire  w/HPFPDForsyth Rd. 12:21
AUG31200831Supervisory alarm  w/ LCFDSouth lake Ct.15:25
SEPT1200901Unknown medical Boyd Rd.1:02
SEPT1200902Supervisory alarm w/ LCFPDBuckhead Ln.3:56
SEPT1200903Supervisory alarmWhite Oaks Ct.8:45
SEPT1200904Lift assistWilber Ct.18:00
SEPT 3200905Patient very sick Oakley Rd.8:13
SEPT 4200906Lift assist Wilber Rd. 15:12
SEPT 5200907Lift assist Rt. 4819:49
SEPT 6200908Person UnresponsiveN. Clay19:39
SEPT 7200909Broken hip W. Prairie St. 5:17
SEPT 7200910Difficulty breathing Reas Bridge Rd. 22:15
SEPT 9200911Diabetic emergencyKirby Rd.10:35
SEPT 9200912Building fire w/HPFPDLucile Ave.18:48
SEPT 10200913CO alarm W. Claremont St.10:37
SEPT 11200914Lift assist School Rd. 14:44
SEPT 12200915Difficulty breathing South St. 00:05
SEPT 14200916Medical alarm Main St.12:27
SEPT 15200917Supervisory alarm  w/ HPFPDBarnett Ave. 16:14
SEPT 17200918Patient Fell Forrest Pkwy.9:32
SEPT17200919Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDMarket Dr.16:45
SEPT 18200920Tree on fire Forrest Pkwy20:39
SEPT19200921Patient fell with head injuryS. North St.8:49
SEPT19200922Patient sick Birch Church Rd.22:26
SEPT22200923Difficulty breathing Rory Ct.2:17
SEPT22200924Supervisory alarm w/LCFPDUS 3611:37
SEPT23200925Bleeding from catheter Greenswitch Rd. 00:49
SEPT 23200926Swelling in legs Forest Pkwy.20:11
SEPT 26200927Possible DOATimberlane Dr.7:02
SEPT26200928High blood pressure Mayberry Ct.7:23
SEPT27200929Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDMarion Ave.19:15
SEPT27200930Supervisory alarm  w/LCFPDMaynor Ave7:07
SEPT28200931Fire alarm Kenwood St.13:34
SEPT28200932Person fell W. Plains 18:01
SEPT28200933Difficulty breathing S. North St.18:22
SEPT29200934Difficulty breathing S. Rt. 4823:22
SEPT 30200935Leg pain Prairie St.11:46
SEPT 30200936Field fire Conors Rd.  & Hampshire Rd.16:20
SEPT 30 200937Difficulty breathing Oakley Rd.17:32
OCT 1 201001House fire w/CGFPDEast St.15:10
OCT 3201002Car Wreck Rt. 486:47
OCT 3201003Medical alarm W. Bowyer St.16:29
OCT 5201004Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.7:59
OCT 5201005Diesel spill Rt. 48 AND Friends Creek Rd.19:09
OCT 6201006Patient with chest painsChris Dr.11:17
OCT 6201007Psych patient Sunsetter Ct.11:42
OCT 6201008Patient off meds Upton Ln.16:53
OCT 6201009Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDLucile Ave.18:39
OCT 7201010Patient unresponsive  Progress City 6:39
OCT 7201011Medical alarmE. Water St.10:05
OCT 7201012Car wreck  Argenta Rd.17:07
OCT 7201013Possible stroke E. Park St. 19:38
OCT10201014Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPD S. Glenwood Dr.00:32
OCT10201015Car wreck Caleb Rd..17:26
OCT11201016Tree fire Prairie View Rd.17:26
OCT12201017Patient with abdominal pain Mayberry Ct.00:31
OCT12201018Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place6:14
OCT13201019Patient with chest pain View Cr.6:10
OCT13201020Supervisory w/HPFPDHickory Point Mall8:49
OCT13201021Child locked in car S. View Circle 25:53
OCT 13201022Grain bin fire 1500 North20:41
OCT 14201023Grassfire Rt. 48 & View St.16:23
OCT 14201024Grass fire w/CGFPDE. Fitzgerald Rd.16:38
OCT 16201025Smoke in building Rt. 4816:06
OCT 17201026Car wreck Boyd  Rd. and Rt. 4816:31
OCT 17201027Standby for CGFPDS. North St.13:48
OCT 18201028Field fire w/ ClintonBroadway Rd. and Lane St.15:45
OCT 18201029Burning Leaves Wilcar Ct.14:03
OCT 19201030Propane smell N. Commerce Ct.15:12
OCT 20201031Stand by for  CGFPDS. North St. 15:09
OCT 22201032FEMALE PASSED OUTBoyd Rd.9:32
OCT 22201033Motorcycle accident Emery Rd. and Greenswitch Rd.19:06
OCT 23201034Lift-assist  w/CGFPDN. Greenway Rd.7:56
OCT 23201035Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDHickory Point Rd.9:16
OCT 23201036Person sick E. Water St.16:36
OCT 25201037Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDStevens Creek Ct.17:15
OCT 25201038Supervisory alarm w/ HPFPDHickory Point Rd.18:24
OCT 25201039Supervisory alarm w/LCFPDLake Reunion Pkwy.20:37
OCT 26201040Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDStevens Creek Ct. 1:04
OCT 26201041Lift-assist  w/ CGFPDGreenway Rd.7:23
OCT 27201042Patient Fell E. Park St.10:29
OCT 28201043Male confused Rt. 480:07
OCT 29201044Lift-assist W/ CGFPDGreenway Rd 8:26
OCT 29201045Lift-assist Prairie St.13:16
Oct 30201046Lift-assist w/ CGFPDGreenway Rd.8:22
OCT 30201247Patient fell from the roof Oakley Rd14:00
Nov 12011011st alarm w/CGFPDCounty line Rd.1:00
Nov 1201102Car wreckEmery and Brush College11:00
Nov 2201103Supervisory alarm w/HPFPDS. Rt. 5112:58
Nov 2201104Patient with chest painsN. Oakley Rd.16:39
Nov 2201105Patient cut with glassE. South St.19:14
Nov 3201106Patient dizzy and sickE. Boyd Rd.2:12
Nov 3201107Patient needing helpPrairie Rd.10:27
Nov 3201108Patient with respiratory Christmas Tree Rd.10:40
Nov 3201109Brushfire Jordan Rd.17:47
Nov 4201110Brushfire Jordan Rd.1:20
Nov 4201111Patient dehydrated and sickE. Wise Rd.12:23
Nov 4201112GrassfireI-72 MM 15613:04
Nov 4201113Car wreckGreenswitch and Illiniwick15:59
Nov 62011141st alarm W/ MFPDW. Washington Rd.11:31
Nov 7201115 Car wreckI-72 MM 14823:40
Nov 8201116Field fireEmery Rd12:54
Nov 9 201117Patient passed out View Circle15:57
Nov 10201118Fire alarm w/HPFPDMound Rd.12:47
Nov 10201119Burning leaves W. Broadway St.17:39
Nov 11201120Fire alarm w/HPFPDW. Marion Ave8:08
Nov 11201121Fire alarm w/HPFPDJacobs Way15:12
Nov 12201122Fire alarm w/HPFPDCommerce place 5:35
Nov 12201123Patient with difficulty breathingDiamond Head Ct.19:51
Nov 13201124Fire alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place20:12
Nov 15201125Fire alarm w/HPFPDHickory point mall4:36
Nov 15201126Fire alarm w/HPFPDHickory point mall5:19
Nov 16201127Lift-assist E. School Rd.8:40
Nov 18201128Patient with Difficulty breathing N. Lincoln in CG8:45
Nov 19201129Fire alarm w/HPFPDS. Smith St.12:29
Nov 19201130Grass fire W/CGFPDStare Rd.20:26
Nov21201131Smoke alarms going offForest Parkway8:32
Nov 21201132chimney fire W/HPFPDRt 121 and Rydell Ave.15:38
Nov 22201133Patient sick and coughing Birch Church Rd.8:13
Nov 22201134Patient having chest pains Birch Church Rd.15:29
Nov 23201135Patient having seizureW. Elm St.7:44
Nov 23201136House fire W/HPFPDRt. 1218:04
Nov 23201137Car wreck Mound & 22nd st.10:58
Nov 24201138Patient with seizureN. Rt. 485:52
Nov 26201139Fire alarm w/HPFPDPhillips Circle17:45
Nov 27201140patient not acting rightBoyd Rd. & Greenswitch13:23
Nov 30201141Patient having seizureWestmore Dr.13:35
Dec 2201201Patient took some pillsE. Park st.13:56
Dec 3201202Patient is dizzyN. Rt. 489:58
Dec 4201203Fire alarm W/HPFPDJacobs way17:32
Dec 4201204Patient having a seizureHospitality Lane18:51
Dec 4201205False alarm medical callBirch church 19:13
Dec 72012061st alarm W/ CGFPDWashington st.11:31
Dec 8201207Patient having a strokeS. Rt. 484:17
Dec 11201208Fire alarm W/HPFPDW. Marion Ave.20:16
Dec 12201209Patient with back pain E. Boyd Rd.3:12
Dec 12201210Patient difficulty breathing E. Hospitality Lane5:27
Dec 172012111st alarm W/HPFPDS. Rt. 12111:24
Dec 19201212Fire alarm W/ HPFPDBarnett Ave.2:34
Dec 21201213Fire alarm W/ LCFPDLake Reunion Pkwy.2:35
Dec 21201214Patient overdosedJordan Rd.10:28
Dec 21201215Barn Fire Jrdan Rd.11:35
Dec 21201216Patient diff. breathing W. Dodge St.12:40
Dec21201217Patient diff. breathingE. Elm18:56
Dec 22201218Patient having Diabetic issueWise Rd. & Greenswitch23:52
Dec 23201219Fire alarm W/ HPFPDN. Taylor Ave.21:34
Dec 25201220Patient FellE. South St.19:56
Dec 26201221Unknow medical W. Broadway19:18
Dec 27201222Fire alarm W/ HPFPD James Ct.16:01
Dec 27201223Patient fell and hit head Water St.19:48


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