2021 Call Log
DateRun #Nature of RunLocationTime of Run
Jan 2210101Fire alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place 18:35
Jan 3210102Power line down S. RT. 482:56
JAN 3210103Patient sickHickory Hills 10:56
Jan 3 210104Fire alarm W/ HPFPDS. lake Ct.19:58
Jan 4210105Shed fire W/ LCFPDS. Twin Bridge Rd.15:59
Jan 4210106Shed fire W/ LCFPDS. Twin Bridge Rd. 23:13
Jan 6210107Fire alarm W/ HPFPDHickory point Rd.2:08
Jan 92101081st alarm W/ MFPDWashington St.13:04
Jan 9210109Patient with a knee injuryW. South St.15:21
Jan 12210110Patient sickS. View St.5:41
Jan 12210111Patient having chest pains Hospitality Ln.11:54
Jan 14210112Patient fellE. South St.11:01
Jan 16210113Smoke alarm W/ HPFPDBarnett Ave.2:20
Jan 16210114Patient passed outWater St.2:43
Jan 17210115Patient with kidney stonesCoulters Mill Rd.2:38
Jan 20210116Patient having diabetic issueBoyd Rd.9:27
Jan 20210117Patient fell in garage Forest Prkwy14:33
Jan 21210118Fire alarm W/ HPFPDW. Marion Ave5:19
Jan 21210119Car wreck w/ injuriesHP Rd & Geenswitch14:39
Jan 21210120Patient with seizures Westmoore Dr.17:05
Jan 25210121Patient w/ leg painChris Dr.1:04
Jan 25210122Lift assist School Rd.3:41
Jan 25210123Patient w/ abdominal pain Chris Dr.23:40
Jan 26210124Patient w/ Diabetic IssueBower St.16:32
Jan 27210125Patient Hit head Schhol Rd.6:39
Jan 27210126Car wreckGreenswitch & Illiniwick17:05
Jan 27210127Car in ditchI72 MM 14418:18
Jan 28210128Patient passed out N. Il Rt 4815:44
Jan 30210129Patient having heart attackWestmore Dr.19:20
Feb 1210201Fire alarm W/ HPFPDMarion Ave.13:14
Feb 1 210202Unknown medicalBoyd Rd.14:46
Feb 3210203Patient fellSouth St.8:03
Feb 3210204Patient fellSouth St.18:27
Feb 3210205Co alarmCaleb Rd.20:01
Feb 3210206Patient not responsiveElm St.23:18
Feb 4210207Co AlarmCaleb Rd.11:19
Feb 5210208Fire alarm W/lcfpdMaple Ct.22:07
Feb 62102091st alarm W/ HPFPDHickory Point Mall 16:29
Feb 6210210Patient cut handHospitality Ln.21:54
Feb 7210211Smoke in homeView St.22:00
Feb 8210212Semi in ditchBrush college & Rt. 4813:03
Feb 9210213Semi brakes on fire Commercial Crossing 12:48
Feb 9210214Lift assist View St.14:47
Feb 9210215Patient passing outElm St.20:05
Feb 10210216Patient sickChris Dr.3:17
Feb 11210217Patient with muscle spasmKirby Rd.3:21
Feb 11210218Fire Alarm W/HPFPDHickory Point Mall 11:05
Feb 11210219Patient having seizureHospitality Ln17:52
Feb 12210220Lift assist Elm St.11:22
Feb 14210221Car WreckIlliniwick & Brush College20:08
Feb 15210222Car wreck I-72 and Rt. 4822:29
Feb 15210223Power box on fire Kirby Rd 
Feb 15210224Fire alarmSouth St.19:11
Feb 15210225Car wreckI-72 MM 147-14820:05
Feb 16210226Fire alarm W/ HPFPDMarket Dr.15:46
Feb 162102271st alarm W/ LCFPDWells St.16:05
Feb 162102281st alarm W/ HPFPDStarline Ave.23:37
Feb 172102291st alarm W/ CGFPDHeritage Ln.9:43
Feb 17210230Fire alarm W/HPFPDHickory Point Dr.16:26
Feb 17210231Patient passing out S. View 19:40
Feb 18210232Fire alarm W. South St.22:42
Feb 20210233Patient fellMayberry Dr.3:03
Feb 20210234Patient fellN. Main St.12:28
Feb 20210235Supervisory alarm W/HPFPDMarket Dr.19:36
Feb 21210236Fire alarm W. South St.0:19
Feb 21210237Fire alarm W. South St.0:52
Feb 21210238Medical alarm W. Prairie St.10:40
Feb 22210239Patient with leg pain Chris Dr.6:11
Feb 23210240Patient with back painBirch Church Rd.21:59
Feb 24210241Paitient unresponsiveE. Walnut St.01:12
Feb 24210242Car wreck Rayjon and South St.6:51
Feb 25210243Patient having seizureE. Hospitality Ln.10:35
Feb 27210244Patient UnresponsiveBirch Church Rd.9:33
Feb 27210245Patient having seizureForrest Pkwy9:36
Feb 27210246Car wreck Illiniwick & Brush College13:01
Mar 1210301Fire alarm Southbrook Ct.16:00
Mar 5210302Diabetic emergencyCoultermill Rd.6:10
Mar 5210303Car wreckBoyd Rd. 6:25
Mar 6210304Grassfire Caleb and Dunbar12:15
Mar 7210305Patient fellBower st.15:13
Mar 7210306Difficulty breathingKirby Rd.20:02
Mar 8210307Tractor on fire I-72 MM 1447:37
Mar 9210308Car wreckI-72 MM 14612:13
Mar 10210309Patient confused I-72 rest area 12:35
Mar 10210310Fire alarm Kenwood st13:11
Mar 10210311Difficulty breathing Kenwood st.21:11
Mar 13210312Patient sickPrairie st.23:07
Mar 14210313Patient fell N. Clay10:22
Mar 16210314Car wreckBrush college & RT. 4814:08
Mar 17210315Patient fellBower St.22:12
Mar 18210316Co alarmMain St.15:59
Mar 19210317Supervisory W/HPFPDMarion Ave.23:28
Mar 20210318Supervisory alarm W/HPFPDMarion Ave.7:42
Mar 20210319Supervisory alarm W/HPFPDMarion Ave.22:16
Mar 21210320Grassfire Rt. 4814:54
Mar 21210321Patient feeling sickKirby Rd.16:03
Mar 21210322Patient fellElm St.20:35
Mar 21210323Patient hurtBoyd Rd.22:21
Mar 22210324Diabetic emergencyBroadway St.3:02
Mar 23210325First alarm W/ MaroaMain st.19:13
Mar 25210326Possible strokeBell St.5:03
Mar 26210327Patient fellWilber Ct.16:34
Mar 27210328Chest pains Forest Prkwy00:54
Mar 28210329Patient unconscious Hospitality Ct.10:01
Mar 28210330Child stuck on roof E. South St.18:31
Mar 292103311st alarm W/ CGFPDE. Jackson6:13
Mar 29210332Fire alarm W/HPFPDE. Lucile Ave6:45
Mar 31210333Patient with abdominal painI-72 rest area 12:42
Mar 312103341st alarm W/ HPFPDHuston Ave20:11
Apr 1210401Patient fell with head injuryMayberry Ct.5:55
Apr 1210402Patient fellBower St.6:36
Apr 1210403Field fire E. Boyd Rd.15:24
Apr 2210404Power line down South St.11:25
Apr 2210405Field fire Kirby Rd.19:44
Apr 5210406Patient fell and hit head Mayberry Ct.5:27
Apr 5210407Patient sick Birch Church Rd.16:25
Apr 6210408Tree on fire Reas Bridge Rd.16:40
Apr 7210409Patient sick Coultersmill Rd.9:24
Apr 7210410Patient reaction to medicineBirch Church Rd.15:55
Apr 9210411Field FireSouth St.14:52
Apr 11210412Car wreck Wise Rd & Rt. 4816:34
Apr 112104131st alarm w/ HPFPDBetzer Rd.18:33
Apr 12210414Patient sick Birch Church Rd.13:07
Apr 132104151st alarm w/LCFPDMount Zion Rd.16:25
Apr 14210416Semi wreck Emery Rd.7:34
Apr 14210417Fire alarm W/ HPFPDRT. 5112:03
Apr 14210418Fire alarm W/HPFPDRt. 5118:39
Apr 14210419Patient having Diabetic prob.North St.22:25
Apr 15210420Fire alarm South St.8:33
Apr 16210421Patient difficulty breathing I-7221:11
Apr 18210422Patient difficulty breathingBower St.9:08
Apr 18210423Fire alarm W/HPFPDHope Dr.11:04
Apr 20210424Medical alarm South St.16:10
Apr 21210425Car wreck I-727:06
Apr 21210426Car Fire Rt. 4818:54
Apr 22210427Patient difficulty breathing Hospitality Ln.00:41
Apr 22210428Patient difficulty breathingRt. 4817:52
Apr 23210429Patient difficulty breathing Rt. 4812:40
Apr 23210430Patient unable to move View St.16:18
Apr 24210431Patient unresponsiveCemetery Rd.13:35
Apr 25210432Patient having seizure Claremont St.9:58
Apr 262104331st alarm W/HPFPDRt. 12113:41
Apr 27210434Patient fellBelle St.9:46
Apr 27210435Patient diabetic emergencyRt. 4810:19
Apr 27210436Fire alarm W/HPFPDHickory Point Rd.14:05
Apr 282104371st alarm W/MFPDAg Rd.7:06
Apr 28210438Car wreck Rt. 4814:04
Apr 29210439Fire alarm W/ HPFPDHickory point Rd2:32
May 2210501Fire alarm W/ HPFPDRuechel Rd6:59
May 2210502Grass fire Cemetary Rd.8:10
May 4210503Co alarmE. Water St.00:58
May 4210504Fire alarm W/ HPFPDMarion Ave.22:07
May 5210505Chest pains Kirby Rd.3:19
May 5210506Car wreckI-7211:39
May 5210507Gas leak in Cerro GordoVan Dougan14:14
May 5210508Possible stroke Elm St.17:46
May 6210509Car wreckMound Rd.13:37
May 7210510Lift assistPrairie Rd.10:35
May 7210511Power line down Washington Rd.12:05
May 9210512Fire alarm W/ LCFPDPrairie view Rd.11:42
May 9210513Patient fellEast St.16:31
May 11210514Camper fireI 72 west on ramp16:32
May 13210515Tractor fireRt. 4817:40
May 13210516Fire alarm W/HPFPDReptua Ct.18:19
May 13210517Lift assistPrairie St 20:35
May 15210518Lift assist Water St.12:13
May 18210519Car wreckGreenswitch Rd.21:39
May 19210520Gas leak W Cerro GordoHunt St.9:38
May 20210521Fire Alarm W/ CGFPD2nd St.1:18
May 21210522Patient fell Sangamon Rd.14:51
May 22210523Full arrest Boyd Rd.2:58
May 24210524Fire alarm White oak Ct.0:06
May 24210525Patient SickKenwood St.8:52
May 25210526Car wreckI-72 & Rt. 4813:15
May 25210527Lift assist Belle St.19:22
May 27210528Possible stroke Forest Pkwy12:34
May 27210529Fire alarm W/ LCFPDLake Reunion PKWY13:19
May 27210530Patient fellWater St.17:44
May 27210531Difficulty breathing South St.22:49
May 28210532Fire Alarm W/HPFPDWeaver Rd.9:24
May 28210533Patient fellChris Dr.11:54
May 29210534Lift assistWater St.9:22
May 29210535Patient sick Melrose Ct.17:37


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