News Headlines
Mon. May 16th 2016
Be on the look out around town for these pigs. Put your money in the pig with your favorite candidate's name!!! Candidates are Cory White,(pig at the firehouse), Ken Smith (pig at the village hall...
Sat. Jan 14th 2012
Chief Cory White had the opportunity today to teach fire safety to 10 Boy Scouts for their Fire Safety Merit Badge. Battalion Chief Phil Kimler, Firefighter Derek Miller & Firefighter Nathan Tolbe...
Tue. Jan 10th 2012
Chief Cory White & Battalion Chief Phil Kimler had the opportunity to give 10 Cub Scouts a tour of the firehouse and also take a ride in a firetruck tonight.
Sat. Sep 17th 2011
Members of the AOFPD took the MABAS 46 tent trailer today to Monticello to train with the MABAS 28 tent trailer. This was the first time we had set it up and we want to thank the members of MABAS 28 f...
Sat. Aug 13th 2011
Members of the AOFPD spent the day in Argenta at the Safety Day. We had several units on display and cut up a car as a demo of what we do during a car accident.
2021 Call Log
DateRun #Nature of RunLocationTime of Run
Jan 2210101Fire alarm w/HPFPDCommerce Place 18:35
Jan 3210102Power line down S. RT. 482:56
JAN 3210103Patient sickHickory Hills 10:56
Jan 3 210104Fire alarm W/ HPFPDS. lake Ct.19:58
Jan 4210105Shed fire W/ LCFPDS. Twin Bridge Rd.15:59
Jan 4210106Shed fire W/ LCFPDS. Twin Bridge Rd. 23:13
Jan 6210107Fire alarm W/ HPFPDHickory point Rd.2:08
Jan 92101081st alarm W/ MFPDWashington St.13:04
Jan 9210109Patient with a knee injuryW. South St.15:21
Jan 12210110Patient sickS. View St.5:41
Jan 12210111Patient having chest pains Hospitality Ln.11:54
Jan 14210112Patient fellE. South St.11:01
Jan 16210113Smoke alarm W/ HPFPDBarnett Ave.2:20
Jan 16210114Patient passed outWater St.2:43
Jan 17210115Patient with kidney stonesCoulters Mill Rd.2:38
Jan 20210116Patient having diabetic issueBoyd Rd.9:27
Jan 20210117Patient fell in garage Forest Prkwy14:33
Jan 21210118Fire alarm W/ HPFPDW. Marion Ave5:19
Jan 21210119Car wreck w/ injuriesHP Rd & Geenswitch14:39
Jan 21210120Patient with seizures Westmoore Dr.17:05
Jan 25210121Patient w/ leg painChris Dr.1:04
Jan 25210122Lift assist School Rd.3:41
Jan 25210123Patient w/ abdominal pain Chris Dr.23:40
Jan 26210124Patient w/ Diabetic IssueBower St.16:32
Jan 27210125Patient Hit head Schhol Rd.6:39
Jan 27210126Car wreckGreenswitch & Illiniwick17:05
Jan 27210127Car in ditchI72 MM 14418:18
Jan 28210128Patient passed out N. Il Rt 4815:44
Jan 30210129Patient having heart attackWestmore Dr.19:20
Feb 1210201Fire alarm W/ HPFPDMarion Ave.13:14
Feb 1 210202Unknown medicalBoyd Rd.14:46
Feb 3210203Patient fellSouth St.8:03
Feb 3210204Patient fellSouth St.18:27
Feb 3210205Co alarmCaleb Rd.20:01
Feb 3210206Patient not responsiveElm St.23:18
Feb 4210207Co AlarmCaleb Rd.11:19
Feb 5210208Fire alarm W/lcfpdMaple Ct.22:07
Feb 62102091st alarm W/ HPFPDHickory Point Mall 16:29
Feb 6210210Patient cut handHospitality Ln.21:54
Feb 7210211Smoke in homeView St.22:00
Feb 8210212Semi in ditchBrush college & Rt. 4813:03
Feb 9210213Semi brakes on fire Commercial Crossing 12:48
Feb 9210214Lift assist View St.14:47
Feb 9210215Patient passing outElm St.20:05
Feb 10210216Patient sickChris Dr.3:17
Feb 11210217Patient with muscle spasmKirby Rd.3:21
Feb 11210218Fire Alarm W/HPFPDHickory Point Mall 11:05
Feb 11210219Patient having seizureHospitality Ln17:52
Feb 12210220Lift assist Elm St.11:22
Feb 14210221Car WreckIlliniwick & Brush College20:08
Feb 15210222Car wreck I-72 and Rt. 4822:29
Feb 15210223Power box on fire Kirby Rd 
Feb 15210224Fire alarmSouth St.19:11
Feb 15210225Car wreckI-72 MM 147-14820:05
Feb 16210226Fire alarm W/ HPFPDMarket Dr.15:46
Feb 162102271st alarm W/ LCFPDWells St.16:05
Feb 162102281st alarm W/ HPFPDStarline Ave.23:37
Feb 172102291st alarm W/ CGFPDHeritage Ln.9:43
Feb 17210230Fire alarm W/HPFPDHickory Point Dr.16:26
Feb 17210231Patient passing out S. View 19:40
Feb 18210232Fire alarm W. South St.22:42
Feb 20210233Patient fellMayberry Dr.3:03
Feb 20210234Patient fellN. Main St.12:28
Feb 20210235Supervisory alarm W/HPFPDMarket Dr.19:36
Feb 21210236Fire alarm W. South St.0:19
Feb 21210237Fire alarm W. South St.0:52
Feb 21210238Medical alarm W. Prairie St.10:40
Feb 22210239Patient with leg pain Chris Dr.6:11
Feb 23210240Patient with back painBirch Church Rd.21:59
Feb 24210241Paitient unresponsiveE. Walnut St.01:12
Feb 24210242Car wreck Rayjon and South St.6:51
Feb 25210243Patient having seizureE. Hospitality Ln.10:35
Feb 27210244Patient UnresponsiveBirch Church Rd.9:33
Feb 27210245Patient having seizureForrest Pkwy9:36
Feb 27210246Car wreck Illiniwick & Brush College13:01


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