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Mon. May 16th 2016
Be on the look out around town for these pigs. Put your money in the pig with your favorite candidate's name!!! Candidates are Cory White,(pig at the firehouse), Ken Smith (pig at the village hall...
Sat. Jan 14th 2012
Chief Cory White had the opportunity today to teach fire safety to 10 Boy Scouts for their Fire Safety Merit Badge. Battalion Chief Phil Kimler, Firefighter Derek Miller & Firefighter Nathan Tolbe...
Tue. Jan 10th 2012
Chief Cory White & Battalion Chief Phil Kimler had the opportunity to give 10 Cub Scouts a tour of the firehouse and also take a ride in a firetruck tonight.
Sat. Sep 17th 2011
Members of the AOFPD took the MABAS 46 tent trailer today to Monticello to train with the MABAS 28 tent trailer. This was the first time we had set it up and we want to thank the members of MABAS 28 f...
Sat. Aug 13th 2011
Members of the AOFPD spent the day in Argenta at the Safety Day. We had several units on display and cut up a car as a demo of what we do during a car accident.
Past Oreana Fire Chief's

Lawrence Betzer          Unknown Dates

Willard Higgins            Unknown Dates

Bob Cook                        Unknown Dates 

Donald Laughery           Unknown Dates

Dick Taylor                      Unknown Dates

Ward Defore                   Unknown Dates

Gene Blankenship         1985 to 1988

Loren Hiser                     1988 to 1994

Joe Fever                         1994 to 2008


I am still doing research on this and will update as information becomes available.  

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